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PROCLAMATION <br />�W` E-1, <br />WHEREAS, disasters have and will occur again in Kittitas County, which may cause <br />significant damage to public and private properly, cause a disruption of public services <br />and loss of infrastructures, such as roads and bridges, limiting access to and from <br />communities in Kittitas County; and <br />WHEREAS, communities and individuals must be resilient until relief efforts can be <br />established, and public services restored; and <br />WHEREAS, we cannot predict but we can prepare; and <br />WHEREAS, the key to resiliency is having a disaster preparedness plan, and your basic <br />needs to survive, assembled in advance; and <br />WHEREAS, the responding agencies are committed to assisting the community in <br />preparedness and resiliency training; and <br />NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Commissioners of Kittitas County, do hereby proclaim <br />the month of January, 2014 as "1 am Prepared" Disaster Awareness Month. <br />Proclaimed this 7h day of January 2014. <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />, WASHINGTON <br />Vi <br />