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OLDER AMERICANS <br />MONTH 2014 <br />Older Americans Month <br />2014 Proclamation <br />Whereas, Kittitas County, is a community that includes 8,304 citizens <br />aged 60 and older; and <br />Whereas, Kittitm County, is committed to helping all individuals live <br />longer, healthier lives; and <br />Whereas, the older adults in UW&s County, have made countless contributions and <br />sacrifices to ensure a better life for future generations; and <br />Whereas, we recognize the value of injury prevention and safety awareness in helping <br />older adults remain healthy and active; and <br />Whereas, our community can provide opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals <br />young and old by; <br />Emphasizing the need to take action to safeguard themselves from unintentional <br />injuries where they live, work and socialize <br />Providing information on avoiding leading causes of injury for older adults — <br />falls, motor vehicle -related incidents, suffocation, medication. overdose, and <br />fire/burns <br />Helping older adults take control of their safety and wellbeing <br />Now Therefore, We, the Board of County Commissioners of Kittitas County, is <br />committed to helping all individuals live longer, healthier lives; and hereby proclaim May <br />2014 to be Older Americans Month. We urge every citizen to take time this month to <br />recognize older adults and the people who serve and support them as powerful and vital <br />individuals who greatly contribute to the community. <br />Dated this day o6,11ta 2014 <br />Paul Jewell, Chairman <br />Commissioner <br />Obie O'Brien, Commissioner <br />