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PROCLAMATION <br />M <br />Motorcycle Awareness Month <br />May 2016 <br />WHEREAS, tens of thousands of Washington motorcyclists travel the roads, streets, and <br />highways of the Evergreen State in their regular work and school commutes, and in their <br />weekend adventures and vacation rides; and <br />WHEREAS, motorcycles are fuel efficient, reduce urban traffic and parking congestion, <br />and tread lightly on the overworked road system and transportation infrastructure for which they <br />help provide funding; and <br />WHEREAS, our state and nation are world leaders in motorcycle safety and licensing, <br />and in rider training and public awareness; and <br />WHEREAS, the vast majority of the members of the motorcycling community are <br />genuinely committed to upholding safe and sane policies and procedures for themselves and their <br />passengers, and certainly also for their fellow motorists with whom they share the highways and <br />roads of our state; and <br />WHEREAS, the motorcycle is an important and economical mode of transportation <br />involving such activities as commuting, touring and recreation, and agriculture; and <br />WHEREAS, since motorcycles lack the protective armor of trucks and automobiles <br />which increases the risk of serious accidental injury and death for motorcyclists, all motorists <br />need to operate with caution near motorcycles; and <br />WHEREAS, the month of May enjoys special status as Motorcycle Safety Awareness <br />Month at the national and state level; and <br />WHEREAS, it is appropriate to set aside a time to alert motorists to the number of <br />motorcyclists on the road and to help motorcyclists become aware of the ways they can promote <br />safety; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners do hereby proclaim <br />the month of May 2016, to be <br />MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH <br />in Kittitas County, and urge all our citizens to be aware of and support the various motorcycle <br />awareness events throughout our state during the month of May. <br />