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KITTITAS COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FIREFIGHTERS DISABILITY <br /> BOARD PROPOSED MINUTES, <br /> Via WebEx Online <br /> Tuesday 8:00am March 2od, 2021 <br /> Board Members Present: Wyman Renfrow present online, Brett Wachsmith present online, Larry <br /> Loveless present by online, Bruce Tabb present online <br /> Board Members Excused: Al Nielson <br /> 8:22 AM. Meeting called to order and held via Web Ex. Established Quorum and Introductions <br /> Motion to approve minutes by Larry Loveless, and 2nd by Wyman Renfrow; carried unanimously <br /> NEW BUSINESS <br /> A discussion was held about claim signatures. It was affirmed that a claimant cannot also sign as <br /> an approver; and that 3 approved signatures are requited. <br /> Madi Shepherd/Val Barschaw: discussed and clarified the secretary's role, board decided they <br /> would like the secretary to flag claims, but it's the Board that maintains responsibility for <br /> approval/denial <br /> Larry Loveless: would like secretary to prepare an updated version of claim form to Board for <br /> review <br /> APPROVED CLAIMS <br /> NINE (9) <br /> DENIED CLAIMS <br /> FOUR(4) returned with correspondence <br /> Meeting adjourned at 8:41 am <br /> Our next meeting will be March 24, 2021 in Courtroom 215 and via Web Ex. <br /> KITTITAS COUNTY L.E.O.F.F. BOARD <br /> CLERK OF THE B RD <br /> 2021-03-02 Proposed Meeting Minutes <br />