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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> CORRESPONDENCE LOG FOR THE WEEK ENDING: 1 /22/2021 <br /> REVIEWED AT ADMINISTRATIVE MEETING ON: 1/25/2021 <br /> DATE RECEIVED ITEM SUBJECT ACTION FOLLOW UP <br /> 1/20/2021 Email from Lindsey Bean Parker Bean Case - request for referral to FBI BOCC, PA,SO <br /> 1/21/2021 Email from Lindsey Bean Regarding Parker Bean Case BOCC, PA,SO <br /> 1/22/2021 Email from Gwen Boone Request for FBI to be Invited to Investigate the BOCC, PA, SO <br /> Parker Bean Case <br /> 1/22/2021 Email from Bill Thelen Corona shutdown BOCC <br /> 1/22/2021 Email thread with Greg Zempel, Regarding Parker Bean Case BOCC <br /> Clay Myers, and Lindsey Bean <br /> 1/22/2021 Application to Committees Jay Thompson-PLAC BOCC, PLAC <br /> 1/22/2021 Letter from Department of Ecology Request for Consultation-Auvil Fruit Co. BOCC, DPW, CDS, <br /> Arden T., Neil C. <br /> 1/20/2021 Application to Committees Eric Cellgoy-Fair Board BOCC, KVEC <br /> 1/20/2021 Email from Pat Kelleher Vantage Boat Launch BOCC, DPW <br /> 1/19/2021 Letter from Andrew Kottkamp Hearing Examiner's 2020 Annual Report BOCC, CDS <br /> 1/22/2021 Email from Pat Kelleher Vantage Restroom Concern BOCC, DPW, PA,SO <br /> 1/22/2021 City Council Agenda for the City Agenda for January 25th,2021 BOCC <br /> of Cie Elum <br />