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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> CORRESPONDENCE LOG FOR THE WEEK ENDING: 1 /8/2021 <br /> REVIEWED AT ADMINISTRATIVE MEETING ON: 111112021 <br /> DATE RECEIVED ITEM SUBJECT ACTION FOLLOW UP <br /> 1/4/2021 Complaint Hammond vs. KCBOCC BOCC, PA's Office <br /> 1/4/2021 Summons(20 days) Hammond vs. KCBOCC BOCC, PA's Office <br /> 1/4/2021 Motion for Declaratory Relief and Hammond vs. KCBOCC BOCC, PA's Office <br /> Injunction <br /> 1/4/2021 Order for Declaratory Judgement <br /> Relief Hammond vs. KCBOCC 1 BOCC, PA's Office <br /> 7 <br /> 1/4/2021 J- Email from Judy Pless Claim for Damages- Hammond, Stacy BOCC <br /> 1/6/2021 Letter from Kittitas Public Schools Thank You BOCC <br /> 1/8/2021 Ex Parte Motion for Temporary Hammond vs. KCBOCC BOCC, PA's Office, <br /> Injunction PH File <br /> 1/6/2021 Email from Lisa Pearson What's your plan? BOCC <br /> 1/6/2021 Email from Brown and Jackson Fwd: Dump photos 1/4/21 BOCC, SW <br /> 1/4/2021 Email from Bob and Peggy Haynie Re: Hidden Point,CUP-20-00005 BOCC, CDS <br /> 1/5/2021 PDR from Douglas Benson Legal Delegation for Sheriff Meyers 2019-2020 BOCC,GovQA <br /> 1/8/2021 Email from Captain Jim Weed Animal Control Contract BOCC,Judy Pless <br /> 1/8/2021 Email from Lucy Temple Cie Elum Notice of Application -cell tower BOCC, CDS, DPW <br /> 1/7/2021 Email from Catie Hoffmann Objection to BOC Objection of Recent BOCC <br /> Guideline Updates <br /> 1/7/2021 Hand Deliveries from Howard RPZ BOCC <br /> Jones <br /> 1/8/2021 Email from WSLCB Notice of Marijuana Application BOCC, PA,SO,CDS,Code Enforcement <br /> 1/8/2021 City Council Agenda for City of Agenda for 1-11-21 BOCC <br /> Cie Elum <br />