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KfI-rITASCaQ)U WTY <br />January 15, 2021 <br />Kittitas County <br />Office of the County Treasurer <br />Amy Cziske, Treasurer <br />Board of Kittitas County Commissioners <br />205 W 51h Ave., Suite 108 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />RE: Cancellation of Uncollectible State Assessed Taxes <br />Dear Members of the Board: <br />RCW 84.56.240 directs the County Treasurer to seek cancellation of personalty taxes that are <br />uncollectible. For utility companies with interests throughout Washington, the State sets a tax value <br />for that utility in each county based upon the value of the real and personal property of the utility. <br />During a prior bankruptcy process, the Treasurer's office failed to file a proof of claim for <br />delinquent 2010 State Assessed taxes on parcels #301835, #311835 and #641835. After an <br />upgrade to software brought these delinquencies and the oversight to the attention of the <br />Treasurer's office, it was found that those taxes had been discharged as part of the bankruptcy. <br />Discussion with our Deputy Prosecuting Attorney indicated that an attempt to sue for the taxes <br />would be costly and likely unsuccessful. In 2015, as this office began to contemplate requesting the <br />Board of County Commissioners to approve the cancellation of these delinquent taxes, the County <br />entered into litigation against a prior County Treasurer and it was decided to forestall the <br />cancellation of those taxes until the pending litigation was settled. <br />At this time, the County's litigation has been settled and the Treasurer's office feels strongly that <br />these taxes should now be cancelled in order to clean up the County tax roll as well as represent to <br />our Districts what they can expect in tax revenue. <br />Attesting to the same and requesting cancellation, attached hereto is a list of the uncollectible State <br />Assessed taxes, see attached Exhibit A, together with an Affidavit of Uncollectible State Assessed <br />Tax, and see attached Exhibit B. <br />Upon approval by the Board of County Commissioners by resolution duly adopted, the Treasurer <br />will request cooperation of the Kittitas County Assessor to finally cancel these taxes currently on <br />the county tax rolls, which are delinquent, and beyond hope of collection. <br />Sincerely, <br />Vim' 3/A'�LL-,) <br />Amy Cziske <br />Kittitas County Treasurer <br />Enclosures: <br />Listing of Uncollectible State Assessed Taxes (ExhibitA) <br />Affidavit of Uncollectible State Assessed Tax (Exhibit B) <br />205 West Fifth Ave Ste #102 <br />Ellensburg, Washington 98926 <br />Phone (509) 962-7535 ♦ Facsimile (509) 933-8212 <br />