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data <br /> axle <br /> Licensed Data Schedule to the <br /> Master Product Suite Agreement <br /> This Licensed Data Schedule to the Master Product Suite Agreement("Schedule") is entered into <br /> and effective October 8, 2020 (the "Schedule Effective Date") by and between Kittitas County ("Client") <br /> and Data Axle Inc. ("Data Axle"), pursuant to the Master Product Suite Agreement referenced herein(the <br /> "Agreement"). All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the same meaning ascribed to <br /> them in the Agreement. <br /> In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein and other good and valuable consideration, the <br /> receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged,the Parties agree as follows: <br /> Definition Licensed Data means any Record(s), Lookup Table(s), and information derived from one or <br /> of Licensed more of Data Axle's proprietary database(s)as more particularly set forth below("Licensed <br /> Data: Data"). Data Axle's Product Suite includes Licensed Data. The Licensed Data Selection <br /> ("Licensed Data Selection") is the particular subset of Records set forth on Appendix I for <br /> which Client is licensing in accordance with this Agreement and Schedule. Record means a <br /> unique identification number as created by Data Axle and any related attributes assigned to <br /> such identification number set forth in Appendix I ("Record"). Lookup Table means Data <br /> Axle's decode table that enables the interpretation of the Licensed Data in raw form <br /> ("Lookup Table"). <br /> License Data Axle grants Client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicen sable license <br /> Grant for the term of this Schedule to use the Licensed Data Selection for the specific Use Case <br /> ("Licensed indicated in this section and only applicable to the Licensed Data Selection as set forth <br /> Data below: <br /> Selection <br /> Grant") ❑ Internal Analytics: qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used by Client to <br /> and Use enhance internal productivity. Data elements may be extracted from the Licensed Data <br /> Case("Use Selection and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data. Patterns and techniques <br /> Case"): vary according to Client's requirements. Licensed Data Selection may not be transferred, <br /> utilized or shared with third parties. Such analytics are for Client's internal uses and the <br /> results or analytics may not be provided to third parties. <br /> ❑ Marketing: solicitations, advertising copy, email campaigns, and other communications <br /> derived in whole or in part from the Licensed Data Selection used for Client's own direct <br /> marketing. <br /> ❑ Modeling or Scoring: Client's internal methodology used to rank data against a scale that <br /> represents the perceived value each lead represents to the Client. The resulting score is used <br /> to determine which leads a Client may desire to engage. Client may use the Licensed Data <br /> Selection for the Client's internal process of generating scores. The scores that are created <br /> may not contain any extractable or identifiable Licensed Data. <br /> ® Sublicensing to End Users: to sublicense the Licensed Data to Client's agencies("End <br /> Users")directly from Client. End Users may use the files derived from Licensed Data and <br /> accessed through Client solely for such End User's own planning, development, modeling, <br /> research, geographic information systems, CARES Act outreach and response, impact <br /> studies, and analysis. Client shall comply with the additional terms and conditions set forth in <br /> the End Users Exhibit. The following are approved End Users: <br /> I. Hope Source <br />