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KITTITAS COUNTY <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br /> STUDY SESSION STAFF REPORT <br /> STUDY SESSION DATE: February 24,2020 <br /> ACTION REQUESTED: Request to Approve an Airport Use Agreement <br /> with AirPac Airlines, Inc. <br /> BACKGROUND: Kittitas County Department of Public Works was <br /> contacted by AirPac Airlines, Inc. regarding use of <br /> Bowers Field by UPS for the delivery of air freight <br /> for distribution in Kittitas County. This activity is <br /> expected to be ongoing and AirPac Airlines, Inc. <br /> has agreed to the terms within Airport Use <br /> Agreement. <br /> Staff worked with Century West Engineering, the <br /> on-call Consultant,to research fees other airport's <br /> charge for this type of activity. <br /> The proposed agreement is for one (1) year and <br /> may be renewed on a yearly basis. The fee is to be <br /> ten (10) dollars per landing for the first one <br /> hundred(100) landings and then five (5) dollars for <br /> every landing thereafter. Landing records will be <br /> supplied with each payment received. <br /> INTERACTION: Public Works <br /> RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Resolution approving the Airport Use <br /> Agreement with AirPac Airlines, Inc. <br /> HANDLING: Return one (1) original to Public Works <br /> ATTACHMENTS: Resolution, Airport Use Agreement <br /> LEAD STAFF: Mark Cook,Director <br />