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KITTITAS COUNTY <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br /> PUBLIC WORKS—BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> STUDY SESSION STAFF REPORT <br /> STUDY SESSION DATE: Januarw 13, 2020 <br /> TOPIC: Ordinance 2019-012 Requested Amendments <br /> ACTION REQUESTED: Direct Staff Schedule the Required Public Hearing <br /> LEAD STAFF: <br /> Mark R. Cook <br /> RECOMMENDATION: <br /> Direct staff schedule a public hearing to consider amending Ordinance 2019-012. <br /> BRIEFING SUMMARY: <br /> • Ordinance 2019-012 was recently amended allowing parking fines in Hyak. <br /> • It appears that the Prosecuting Attorney and Sheriff's Office have agreed to <br /> further amend the Ordinance allowing an appeal to the fine imposed by the most <br /> recent revision. <br /> • PW recommends adding an additional length of no parking along East Hyak <br /> Drive that currently is not included in the limits of the ordinance (MP 0.438 to <br /> MP 0.569), as we move forward with the additional amendment being requested <br /> by the PA's office. <br /> BACKGROUND: <br /> Responding to ongoing ;.rnpacts to PW, Snoqualmie Public Utility District (SPUD) and <br /> area residents from illegal parking in Hyak during winter weekends; PW prepared an <br /> amendment to Kittitas County Code 10.06.050 and 10.07.060. The amendment adds a no <br /> parking fine of$200 for all illegal parking in Hyak. The Ordinance references the <br /> roadways contained within the Hyak road improvement district (RID). <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Hyak Dr;ve Last leas been extended approximately 692 feet since the original RID <br /> supporting the joint SPUD/P'W maintenance facility. This additional length of roadway <br /> should now be included along with the requested appeal language being advanced by the <br /> PA's Office. <br /> PW has previously briefed the Board of County Commissioners on implementation issues <br /> surrounding the new no parking fines. The current Snoqualmie LAMID does not allow <br /> impound cards as approved land use. PW intends on correcting this omission during the <br /> 2020 comprehensive code amendment process. Once amended, PW will solicit towing <br /> companies fa: service in 2020/21 winter fully implementing the Ordinance. <br /> Page 1 of 3 <br /> PUBLIC WORKS BOARD OF COUNTY COMNUSSIONERS WORK SESSION STAFF REPORT <br />