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KITTITAS COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN 2037 UPDATE <br /> PUBLIC/AGENCY COMMENTS RECEIVED FROM MARCH 2019 TO CURRENT <br /> Submitted <br /> Date b Summary of Comments Received Staff Responses/Comments Staff Action/Recommendation <br /> Y <br /> Request to include reference to Towns to Teanaway Master Trail Plan in the"Goals for The first bullet under Section 11.3.1 will be amended to include a statement that one trail The following text has been added to the end of the first bullet in Section 11.3.1 as shown <br /> 3/26/19 or Schuck the establishment and maintenance of Trails systems"section of Ch. 11.3 and 11.2.1 has been constructed as of October 2018 by volunteers. in the redline draft version: <br /> 3/27/19 `The first new trail from this project was built by volunteers in October 2018." <br /> One new trail has already been built by volunteer effort and more are anticipated. <br /> Ch. 11.1.1 substitute"shall or will'for"should consider"the creation of a Parks Noted,no change recommended as this reflects the advisory group recommendations. No change <br /> Department. <br /> Substitute"shall or will'provide support to other entities engaged in parks planning, <br /> including Parks and Recreation districts. <br /> PUDs should only be allowed in UGA Noted;no proposed changes to comp plan or development regulations regarding PUDs. No change <br /> 3/26/19 or No Name Language is the same as approved during the Comprehensive Plan Compliance efforts <br /> 3/27/19 that were completed in August of 2014 with an Order Finding Compliance from the Eastern <br /> Washington Growth Management Hearings Board. <br /> Concerned with removal of at least 4 very appropriate, positive housing policies:3.1, Staff agrees that some of the GPOs in the existing 2018 Comprehensive Plan Chapter 3 GPOs 3.1,3.4,and 3.6 from the current 2018 Kittitas County Comprehensive Plan have <br /> 3.3,3.4,3.6,3.7 were inadvertently left out of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update. been included in the redline draft document. <br /> 3/26/19 or GPO 3.1 and GPO 3.4 have been combined into:"H-G7: Provide a sufficient number of <br /> 3/27/19 Schroeter-CWHBA housing units for future populations in rural areas of Kittitas County while maintaining <br /> environmental corridors and quality habitats." <br /> GPO 3.6 was given its own Goal:"H-G8: Provide for future populations while protecting <br /> individual property rights." <br /> 3/26/19 or Sharar Keep Rural Lands Rural! Progress made on 2006/07 update be maintained. Noted;the intent of this update is to maintain compliance with GMA requirements. No change <br /> 3/27/19 <br /> 3/26/19 or No Name Page 38 etc.—"John Wayne Trail"is the old name. Has been re-named as"Palouse to Noted;staff will make the correction. All references to"John Wayne Trail'are now shown in redline draft document as"Palouse <br /> 3/27/19 Cascades Trail' to Cascades State Park Trail FKA John Wayne Pioneer Trail " <br /> Section 3.2.3 etc.—is the VBRO/AIRBNB/Vacation Rental industry addressed here? The information provided is regarding all single-family residences and does not distinguish No change <br /> How does this factor into value and affordability? Large numbers of million-dollar between full-time residents and vacation rentals. <br /> "cabins"are having drastic effect on Upper County. <br /> T-P23 and T-P24: Reducing impacts to wildlife and incorporating wildlife-friendly design Noted No change <br /> 4/19/19 WDFW—E.Torrey features in transportation projects benefits not only fish,wildlife,and habitat but also <br /> public safety. We are very supportive of this language. <br /> 4.6:WDFW would like to commend Kittitas County for their foresight,collaboration,and Noted No change <br /> success with leveraging funding sources to replace fish passage barriers throughout <br /> the county. <br /> RR-G3:Thank you for including this goal. WDFW will be happy to work with the county Noted No change <br /> to ensure that this goal is met. <br /> RR-P122:Conservation and preservation plans are an important tool in preserving Noted No change <br /> open space and wildlife habitat;thank you for including this. <br /> RPO-P4 and RPO-P5:We greatly support this language. Noted No change <br /> NE-G4:Thank you for including this goal. Noted No change <br /> NE-P6: Providing accurate critical area maps is extremely important for protection fish Noted No change <br /> and wildlife species and habitats;WDFW would like to offer our assistance as you <br /> develop the maps which pertain to our areas of expertise. <br /> NE-P18:WDFW will be happy to support Kittitas County in their goal of evaluating Noted No change <br /> opportunities to protect these listed fish and wildlife habitats. <br /> Comp Plan 2037 Update Comment Matrix—March 2019 to Current Page 1 of 4 <br /> Updated 5/29/19 <br />