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A°Fs ..7°r KITTITAS COUNTY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES <br /> �G <br /> 411 N.Ruby St.,Suite 2,Ellensburg,WA 98926 <br /> CDS@CO.KITTITAS.WA.US <br /> Office(509)962-7506 <br /> "Building Partnerships—Building Communities" Fax(509)962-7682 <br /> KITTTTAS CQCNTY <br /> TO: Kittitas County Board of Commissioners <br /> FROM: Kittitas County Community Development Services <br /> RE: Comprehensive Plan 2017-2037 Periodic Update <br /> HEARING <br /> DATE: June 3, 2019 Public Hearing—6pm <br /> I. GENERAL INFORMATION <br /> On December 1, 1990 Kittitas County became one of I I counties that"Opted-In"to (plan fully)to the <br /> planning requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act RCW 36.70A(GMA). Every <br /> 8 years the 20- year Comprehensive plan is required to be updated. This Comprehensive Plan Periodic <br /> Update is for a 20 year planning period which is currently 2017 to 2037. Our current update schedule <br /> was due by June 30, 2017, however pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130(6)Kittitas County was eligible for a <br /> two year extension to this deadline based on our total population being less than 50,000 people and our <br /> ten-year growth rate of no more than 17 percent as of June 30, 2017. The County has worked diligently <br /> on updating its Comprehensive Plan to maintain compliance with GMA and has utilized the Periodic <br /> Update Checklist for Counties provided by the Department of Commerce for guidance. <br /> II. BACKGROUND ON UPDATE PROCESS <br /> Kittitas County's 2006 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update was appealed in 2007 and was found to be <br /> noncompliant with GMA by the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) on <br /> a number of issues and was considered out of compliance with GMA for several years. On May 15, <br /> 2014 Kittitas County adopted Ordinance 2014-005 regarding revisions to the Comprehensive Plan, <br /> amendments to Title 13 and Title 17 of County Code for the purpose of GMA compliance regarding the <br /> numerous GMHB cases against the County. On August 13, 2014 the GMHB found Kittitas County to <br /> be in compliance with GMA and closed the remaining cases. <br /> In 2015, Kittitas County began the process of the 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update with <br /> the assistance of Van Ness Feldman who also worked with the county during the compliance efforts. <br /> The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) directed staff to only make changes necessary to maintain <br /> compliance with the Growth Management Act in light of the county becoming compliant as of August <br /> 2014. This relationship existed until early 2017. <br /> Also in 2015, Kittitas County entered into a contract with BERK and Associates to provide an estimate <br /> of population projections and land use capacity analysis for the year 2037. BERK presented their <br /> projections to Kittitas County Conference of Governments (COG) and the BOCC. Several meetings <br /> were held throughout 2016. The BOCC adopted population and employment projections for 2037 on <br /> April 4, 2017 through Resolution No. 2017-068. <br /> COMMUNITY PLANNING•BUILDING INSPECTION•PLAN REVIEW•ADMINISTRATION•PERMIT SERVICES•CODE ENFORCEMENT <br />