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KITTITAS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> **** PUBLIC HEARING SIGN UP SHEET **** <br /> Public Hearings are an opportunity for citizens to give their views to the Board of County <br /> Commissioners for consideration in their decision making process. if you wish to speak, please <br /> PRINT YOUR NAME CLEARLY below. <br /> When you are recognized: <br /> 1. STEP TO THE MICROPHONE and give your name and address. <br /> 2. Your comments will be limited to three minutes for each individual or rive minutes <br /> if you are presenting the official position of a recognized organization. <br /> 3. If other speakers have made the same point, simply indicate your support or <br /> disagreement unless you have new information. <br /> MEETING Continued from November 20,2018 to Consider the Formulation of Road Improvement <br /> District 2018-01 Wiehl Road <br /> DATE: December 10,2018 TIME: 11:00 A.M. <br /> NAME MAILING ADDRESS- Who are you Testifying Pro/ <br /> representing (Yes/No)? Con <br /> (self/other)? <br /> C-1�c�.,,r--. 23l l�ir,e�..k � <br />