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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> COUNTY OF KITTITAS <br /> STATE OF WASHINGTON <br /> RESOLUTION <br /> N0. IIA -7 <br /> ,�&j ±fl_ <br /> RESOLUTION TO AMEND RESOLUTION 2017-138 TO AWARD THE 2018 <br /> DISTRESSED COUNTY SALES AND USE TAX FUNDS AS RECOMMENDED <br /> BY THE CONFERENCE OF GOVERNMENTS CORRECTING MATCH <br /> PERCENTAGE <br /> WHEREAS: The 1999 Legislature did pass RCW 82.14.370 Sales and Use Tax <br /> for Public Facilities in rural counties; and <br /> WHEREAS: These funds are for the purpose of financing Public Facilities <br /> which are defined as bridges, roads, domestic and industrial water <br /> facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, earth stabilization, storm sewer <br /> facilities, railroad, electricity, natural gas, buildings, structures, <br /> telecommunications infrastructure,transportation infrastructure or <br /> commercial infrastructure and port facilities in the State of <br /> Washington; and <br /> WHEREAS: The Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners makes sales <br /> and use tax funding available to cities pursuant to an annual grant <br /> program; and <br /> WHEREAS: The COG as directed, met to review the 2018 applications to <br /> consider if they met the economic development needs of the <br /> county and communities within the county; and <br /> WHEREAS: The COG is presenting the results and their recommendations for <br /> the funding as shown in Exhibit `A', as amended, and; <br /> WHEREAS: Award recipients are required to provide thirteen and one-half <br /> percent(13.5%)matching funds against sales and use tax grant <br /> awards; and <br /> WHEREAS: The City of Roslyn application fails to meet the required match <br /> and is therefore reduced to $798,222; and <br /> WHEREAS: The City of Cle Elum application requires verification of match <br /> from a state agency funding source; and <br />