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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT 01'PUBLIC WORKS <br />PU13LIC WORKS — BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />STUDY SESSION STAFF REPORT <br />STUDY SESSION DATE: November 27, 2017 <br />TOPIC: Wichl Road Improvement District Update <br />AC,rio,N` REQUESTED: Request the Prosecuting Attorney's Office to Brief the <br />Board on District Formulation <br />Ll.,'AD STAFF: <br />Mark R. Cook <br />RECUMMEN DA"HON: <br />RMILICSt the Prosecuting Attorneys Office brief the Board of County Comi-nissioners <br />(BOCC) on Road Improvement District Formulation pursuant to RCW 35.85.020. <br />BREIFING SUMMARY: <br />County road improvement district legislation is found at RCW 36.88 <br />1 Z) <br />o <br />RCW 36.88.065 allows the use of RCW 35.43 <br />Using RCW 35.82.020 avoids requiring an election <br />Staff' has received few comments from our October 27, 2017 letter <br />BACKGROUND: <br />For the past two years. the Public Works Department (PW) has been working, with <br />residents in the Wichl Road area towards Forming a road improvement district (RTD). <br />Residents responded to a petition effort in early 2017 favorably (90% -� ). The <br />PI-OSCCUting Attorney's Office (PA) subsequently determined that any RID improvement <br />reqUJITS dedication onto the public road network following improvement construction. <br />PW redesigned the proposed Wichl Road improvements and briefed the Board on cost <br />issues. The BOCC has previously committed to cost share (S 150,000 and any cost over- <br />runs) and staff noticed al I potential district residents by mail on October 27. 2017 <br />(LXII1BIT 1). To date, I have received one email and had one conversation rcoard'.1110 <br />our letter. The email is attached as EXHIBIT 2. The phone conversation (11-20-2017) <br />informed me of opposition from one proposed district resident. <br />Proponents J`6r R IT) f'OrTnUlation are anxious to Move forward with the process. <br />DISCUSSION": <br />PW believes it is time for the BOCC to i-cccivc legal advice fl-orn the PA'S Office. <br />Specifically, PW desires the BOCC understand RID formulation process (resolution) and <br />render an opinion on the proposed district cost recovery model based on the number of <br />Ilm-,e I of 4 <br />PUBLIC WORKS BOARD OF WORK S1_`.SS10\S'1A1-+ RFP(R I, <br />