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X-KXWWXWJkS CO W <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Mark Cook, Director <br />STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />November 27, 2017 <br />THOSE PRESENT: Paul Jewell, Laura Osiadacz, Obie O'Brien (BOCC); Luke <br />Huck (DPW); Dan Carlson, Stephanie Mifflin, Lindsey <br />Ozbolt (CDS) <br />WIEHL ROAD IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT UPDATE: <br />Luke stated that staff has been working for the last couple years on a road improvement district <br />for Wiehl Road residents. Originally, staff was working under the direction of formulating the <br />road as a private road at the onslaught of the improvements. Earlier this year after researching <br />the RCW's it was discovered that the road would have to be taken on system as a county road. <br />This resulted in a higher cost than anticipated. Staff went back and redesigned the road, came up <br />with additional costs, had further conversations with the Board about potential contributions <br />from the county to help alleviate some of the costs. Luke continued that Director Cook has been <br />looking into the formulation methods for establishing the district and informal conversations <br />have been had with the Prosecuting Attorney's office and is suggesting to the Board that more <br />formal conversations be held. Luke added that while he has not been completely involved in this <br />project he did spend some time this morning looking into the different methods of establishment <br />including reaching out MRSC and other counties. He found that are three avenues that can be <br />used to formulate the district. These include the petition process, by resolution and by ballot. <br />Discussion was held. <br />Board Direction: <br />Submit a request to the Prosecuting Attorney's office for support and schedule a special <br />meeting for discussion. <br />FLOOD CONTROL ZONE DISTRICT AD T17SOR Y COMMITTEE UPDATE: <br />Luke stated that outreach has been done over the last six months with a total of eleven <br />applications being received with five from District 1, four from District 2 and two from District <br />3. It was pointed out that one application was placed in the incorrect district and will be <br />considered for the appropriate district. Commissioner Jewell inquired as if we are making <br />appointments today. Luke commented that Director Cook was looking for direction as to next <br />steps including continued outreach or accept what applications have been submitted for <br />consideration. Commissioner Jewell suggested that appointments be made at today's meeting. <br />Discussion was held. <br />411 N. Ruby, Suite #1TEL (509) 962-7523 <br />FAX (509) 962-7663 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />