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KITTITAS COUNTY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES <br />411 N. Ruby St., Suite 2, Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />CDS CI,CO.KITTITAS.WA.US <br />Office (509) 962-7506 <br />"Building Partnerships - Building Communities" Fax (509) 962-76$2 <br />CDS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />February 13, 2017 <br />THOSE PRESENT: Obie O'Brien, Paul Jewell (BOCC) Dan Carlson, Doc Hansen (CDS) Luke Huck, Kathy <br />Jurgens, Candie Leader (PW), Neil Caulkins (PA) <br />GUESTS PRESENT: Ian Elliot <br />Discussion of Timeline Options for Comprehensive !'ian /Update: <br />Dan stated that per RCW 36.70A.130 the County has until June 300' of this year to update its Comprehensive Plan. Staff had <br />been working under the assumption that an extension could be requested under the same RCW. The week before last Doc <br />Hansen spoke with the Department of Commerce about the extension request and found out that under the same RCW in <br />order to be eligible for the extension the County has to have a population less than 50,000 and have its population increase by <br />than no more than 17% in the ten years proceeding. We are less than 50,000 but according to the last numbers we are close <br />to the 17%. Commissioner Jewell inquired as to how close we are to the 17% and Dan responded 16.87%. The next <br />numbers won't come out from the OFM until May which is up against the deadline. Doc stated that he sent an email last <br />week showing two different timelines. The first one went out through December to January 2018. The purpose of that was <br />because of the loss of staff last year and the inability to fill those positions. Staff was still maintaining the timeline until the <br />consultant left. Currently, the Department has interviewed for those positions and for a new consultant. The second timeline <br />option would actually meet the deadline at a rapid pace. Doc suggested drafting a letter, right away, to the advisory <br />committee and see if they could meet twice in March, April and have them involved all the way through May while we are <br />going through the process with the Planning Commission. At the end of April we'd be looking at a joint meeting with the <br />BOCC and the Planning Commission like we did with the compliance effort. In the middle of May the proposal would go <br />before the Planning Commission and get a recommendation from them by the first part of June. This would allow the BOCC <br />the month of June to come up with a plan. It's Doc's recommendation to move towards the June 30`I' deadline and if staff has <br />to go over then it would only be the tune period it takes to adopt the plan or revise the plan that we would be non-compliant <br />during that period and would be working with the Department of Commerce. Commissioner Jewell added that the latest <br />compliance effort was just completed in 2014 and that most of that shouldn't need to be changed. He stated that the housing <br />element, transportation element and the critical area ordinance are the most important. Discussion was held. <br />Commissioner Jewell inquired as to the ramifications for not getting the update done on time and assuming we do not get an <br />extension_ Doc stated that two years ago we were eligible for a Fire Hazards Grant. The county had been deemed compliant <br />by the hearing's board and one of the criteria for that grant to even be considered for the grant was being compliant with the <br />Comprehensive Pian. Doc believes that there shouldn't be much because we are indeed trying to meet the goal and if we <br />continue to show progress. We may need to change a few things in the office as far as workloads go. Dan added to Doc's <br />statement that they would reassign some of Doc's current planning work to himself and the current level of service would be <br />the same and Doc's focus would be on the update. Discussion was held. <br />Luke added that Public Works would have some ramifications as well with the accelerated timeline. Staff was waiting for <br />the City of Ellensburg to complete their update so the County's would have their projections and how it would affect county <br />roads with the city roads. Public Works will get with our Consultant to get going on the update. Luke expressed concerns <br />about any grant funding and/or opportunities being affected by missing the June 30`h deadline. Discussion was held. <br />Board Direction: Move ahead with the accelerated timeline to have the update accomplished by the June 30`h deadline and <br />apply for an extension. <br />Dan Carlson, Director <br />COMMUNITY PLANNING • BUILDING INSPECTION • PLAN REVIEW • ADMINISTRATION ' PERMIT SERVICES • CODE <br />