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KITTITAS COUNTY <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br /> STUDY SESSION STAFF REPORT <br /> STUDY SESSION DATE: August 28, 2017 <br /> ACTION REQUESTED: Request to Consider a Resolution to Amend <br /> Resolution No. 2017-138 Awarding the <br /> Distressed County Sales &Use Tax Funding for <br /> 2o18 Correcting the Match Percentage. <br /> BACKGROUND: In 1999 Legislature passed RCW 82.14.370 <br /> Sales &Use Tax for Public Facilities in rural <br /> Counties. These funds are for the purpose of <br /> financing public facilities in rural counties. <br /> The Conference of Governments (COG) has <br /> been charged with the review and scoring of <br /> the applications and submitting their <br /> recommendations to the Board of County <br /> Commissioners for approval. <br /> On August 15, 2017 the Board of County <br /> Commissioners approved Resolution 2017-138 <br /> awarding the Distressed County Sales and Use <br /> Tax Funding for 2018. After approval an error <br /> in match percentage was found and said <br /> Resolution is now to be corrected. <br /> INTERACTION: Public Works; Conference of Governments <br /> RECOMMENDATION: Move to Approve & Sign Resolution to Amend <br /> Resolution 2017-138 awarding the Distressed <br /> Counties Sales &Use Tax Funding for 2018 as <br /> recommended by the Conference of <br /> Governments, as amended by the Board of <br /> County Commissioners and correcting Match <br /> Percentage. <br /> HANDLING: Return 1 original to Public Works <br /> ATTACHMENTS: Resolution; Exhibit "A" <br /> LEAD STAFF: Mark Cook <br /> Director of Public Works <br />