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LT-2020-031-KVEC-lnternal Operations-2020 <br />required to effect or evidence such compliance. All laws, ordinances, rules, and orders <br />required to be incorporated into agreements of this character are incorporated into this <br />Agreement by this reference. Contractoragrees to obtain all required licenses and permits, <br />and further agrees to keep them in full force and effect during the term of this Agreement. <br />The County and the Contractor agree that in fulfilling the terms and conditions of this <br />Agreement neither shall discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, <br />sex, marital status, or the presence of a physical, sensory, or mental handicap. <br />d. The Services shall at all times be subject to inspection by and approval of the County, but <br />the County's making (or failure or delay in making) such inspection or approval shall not <br />relieve Contractor of its responsibility to perform the Services in accord with this <br />Agreement, notwithstanding the County's knowledge of defective or non-complying <br />performance, or the substantiality or ease of discovering the same. Contractor shall provide <br />the County with sufficient, safe, and proper facilities and equipment for such inspection and <br />free access to such facilities. <br />e. This contract is subject to review by any Federal or State auditor. Contractor shall promptly <br />furnish the County or its designee, or such Federal or State auditor with such information <br />related to the Services as may be requested by the applicable governmental entity. <br />Contractor shall preserve and maintain all financial records and records relating to <br />performance of Services under this Agreement for six (5) years after contract termination. <br />For such duration after the County makes final payment of compensation due hereunder, <br />Contractor shall provide the County access to (and the County shall have the right to <br />examine, audit and copy, with or without notice) all of Contractor's books, documents, <br />papers and records related to the Services or this Agreement. <br />Section 4. Compliance with Public Records [aw. <br />a. ln compliance with Washington's public records law, the County will retain copies of any <br />documents associated with this Agreement, which may be required by law unless legally <br />exempt from such retention, for any applicable legally required retention period. <br />b. ln the event a public records request is made to the County for documents created in <br />relation to this Agreement, should legal uncertainty arise regarding the disclosability of any <br />documents under federal or state public records laws, the County shall provide notice to <br />Contractor pursuant to Washington's public records act, chapter 42.56 RCW, to allow <br />Contractor to seek a court injunction. <br />c. The County specifically shall not be liable to Contractor for the County's release under public <br />records laws of any documents not protected by trademark, copyright or other law. <br />Section 5. Termination. <br />The County may, by written notice thereof to Contractor, terminate this Agreement as to all or any <br />portion of the Services not yet performed, whether or not Contractor is in breach or default. Upon <br />receiving such notice of termination, Contractor shall, except as otherwise directed by the County, <br />c <br />tntn County Lodging Tox Agreement-lnternol Poge 2