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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />CDS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />BOCC CONFERENCE ROOM, WEBEX <br />Regular Meeting <br />MONDAY. 1:30 PM November 23, 2020 <br />Board members present via WebEx: Vice -Chairman Laura Osiadacz; <br />and Commissioner Cory Wright. <br />Others via WebEx: Dan Carlson, Mike Flory, Bridget Pechtel, Pat <br />Nicholson, Ryan McAllister and Jessica Miller Community <br />Development Services; Mark Cook, Josh Fredrickson, and Candie <br />Leader, Public Works; and two members of the public. <br />At 1:32 pm Vice -Chairman Laura Osiadacz opened the Community <br />Development Services Study Session. <br />INTRODUCTION OF PROPOSED 2021-2026 CAPITOL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM <br />(CIP) <br />CDS Director Dan Carlson presented the draft Capitol Improvement <br />Program that is required by the Growth Management Act that needs <br />updated annually. Long Range Planner, Bridget Pechtel has <br />compiled a draft that is just about ready to go to hearing. Time <br />has been set aside during the CDS budget discussion with the <br />Board on December 2, 2020. CDS does not have any of the <br />facilities so if we need to discuss any of those specific <br />projects or funding sources, the other departments will need to <br />be invited to participate. <br />Consider a Resolution Allowing for Provisions of the Building <br />Official, Fire Marshal, Planning Official and CDS Director to <br />Exempt Some Requirements of the Non -Residential Building Fire <br />and Land Use Codes and Regulations on an Emergency and Temporary <br />Basis <br />CDS Director Dan Carlson stated that this is a resolution that <br />is intended to help businesses to try and adjust to new COVID <br />restrictions. It would give the Board certain powers during a <br />time of emergency and waive certain portions of building, fire <br />or planning codes in order to help those businesses. <br />2020-10-26 MINUTES 1 <br />