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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />PUBLIC WORKS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />COMMISSIONERS' AUDITORIUM, 205 WEST 5TH ROOM 109 - ELLENSBURG <br />Regular Meeting <br />MONDAY 1:30 PM FEBRUARY 25. 2019 <br />Board members present: Chairman Cory Wright; Vice Chairman Brett <br />Wachsmith; Commissioner Laura Osiadacz <br />Others: Mark Cook, Candie Leader, Public Works; Dan Carlson, Calvana <br />Carper, Lindsey Ozbolt, Pat Nicholson, Community Development Services <br />At 1:43 pm Chairman Cory Wright opened the Public Works Study Session. <br />DRIVEWAYS) AND THE ADOPTED INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE DISCUSSION <br />Mark Cook stated at a previous study session he explained the issue <br />staff is facing with apparent conflicting requirements for driveways <br />between Kittitas County Code and the adopted International Fire Code. <br />Mark Cook continued that he is bringing the issue back for the full <br />Board of County Commissioners to direct staff on how to proceed. Mark <br />Cook added that recently himself, Dan Carlson with Community <br />Development Services and also Pat Nicholson, Fire Marshal, met to find <br />a solution for the discrepancy between the codes. Mark Cook stated <br />that they are proposing to add a clear zone requirement to driveway <br />permits so the total width of a driveway would be sixteen (16) feet <br />and require an additional two (2) feet on either side of the driveway <br />for the clear zone to allow fire apparatus enough room to access in <br />case of an emergency. Discussion was held. Staff was directed to <br />implement the change now on driveway permits and submit documentation <br />for code amendments in the summer. <br />2019 ROAD WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS <br />Mark Cook gave background on previous business practice by the <br />Department placing weight restrictions on county gravel roads due to <br />becoming saturated with moisture during thawing conditions causing <br />roadway damage from heavier vehicle traffic. Mark Cook stated that <br />the previous business practice was not functional and is requesting to <br />prepare enabling documentation for Board of County Commissioner <br />approval to defer to Public Works to handle the posting and noticing <br />of weight restrictions when the issue arises. Mark Cook added that <br />this would allow staff to post and notice on short timelines and would <br />not require waiting for BOCC sessions for approval on specific roads. <br />Discussion was held. Staff was directed to prepare enabling <br />documentation for BOCC consideration at future agenda session. <br />2019-02-25 MINUTES <br />