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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />SOLID WASTE, MAINTENANCE, AND FAIR OFFICE STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />ARMORY - MEETING ROOM A, 901 EAST 7TH AVENUE <br />Regular Meeting <br />TUESDAY 1 2:00 PM I February 12, 2019 <br />Board members present: Chairman Cory Wright; Vice -Chairman Brett Wachsmith; <br />Excused: Commissioner Laura Osiadacz <br />Others: Patti Johnson, Lisa Lawrence, Kady Porterfield and Tim Egan <br />Meeting called to order at 2:03 p.m. <br />Solid Waste Updates: — Discuss Fee Rounding: Patti informed the Board that she met with the <br />City regarding comments on the new Transfer Station site and that the consultant is reviewing <br />the comments. Discussion with the City included the Wet Land Study, completing a Traffic <br />Study and the possible location of % Street Right Away to be dedicated to the City. <br />Patti presented the Board with proposed language for rounding tip fees acquired from Snohomish <br />County who elected to implement the fee structure to improve efficiency at their Transfer <br />Stations. Discussion was held on what the fiscal impact might be and a June timeframe of <br />changing the fee schedule. The Board approved 2-0 to pursue the fee schedule. <br />Discuss Solid Waste Management Plan Options: Patti presented the Board with Options to <br />review for long range planning for the Solid Waste Management Plan Update. Discussion was <br />held on level of service ordinances and that recycling collection fee currently would be the same <br />if not higher than garbage. <br />Discussion was held on recycling at the Event Center and the possibility of utilizing recycling <br />containers returned from the City Park. <br />Project Updates — Bloom — Courthouse: Patti presented the Board with a work schedule for <br />Bloom Pavilion with a 100% completion date of April 12, 2019 noting that the gaps in the <br />schedule are dates that events are scheduled. <br />Patti presented the Board with a copy of an email from Dibble Engineers regarding the second <br />floor of the Courthouse noting that it is over weighted and that she should have a final evaluation <br />by Friday. Discussion was held on the weight loads per square foot, deflection concerns in the <br />Auditorium, safety concerns and code. The Board requested Patti to attend the Monday morning <br />administration meeting with updates. <br />Discussion was held on the new Courthouse design options and the presentation that Patti and <br />Cory will be giving to Management Team tomorrow. <br />2019-02-12 MINUTES <br />