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<br />01/16/2018 MINUTES 2 <br /> <br /> <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />Chairman Osiadacz noted Item J had been removed from the Consent Agenda <br />and each item was reviewed prior to the Board’s consideration. <br /> <br />Commissioner O’Brien moved to approve the Consent Agenda, as amended. <br />Commissioner Jewell seconded. Motion carried 3-0. <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />DATE MINUTES <br />12/19/2017 2PM Public Hearing <br />12/19/2017 Agenda Session <br />12/21/2017 Executive Session <br />12/21/2017 PAFs/Vouchers <br />12/22/2017 Public Defense Costs <br />12/25/2017 Office Admin-Cancelled <br />12/25/2017 Dept. Head-Cancelled <br />12/26/2017 Office Admin-Cancelled <br />12/27/2017 IT Study Session <br />01/01/2018 Agenda Study Session-Cancelled <br />01/01/2018 Office Admin-Cancelled <br />01/01/2018 Dept. Head-Cancelled <br />01/02/2018 Office Admin <br />01/02/2018 Agenda Session <br />01/02/2018 2PM Public Hearing <br />01/03/2018 Marian Meadows-Closed Record <br />01/03/2018 IT Study Session <br />01/03/2018 Jail Heating & Ventilation <br />01/03/2018 Solar Moratorium Extension <br />01/03/2018 Tax Title Property Purchase <br />01/04/2018 Executive Session <br />01/08/2018 Office Admin <br />01/08/2018 Dept. Head-Merit <br />01/08/2018 Upper County Youth Activities <br />01/09/2018 Executive Session <br />01/09/2018 Executive Session <br />01/09/2018 Executive Session <br />01/09/2018 Solid Waste <br /> <br />APPOINTMENT PATSY TENNEY – FAIR BOARD COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />Approve the Appointment of Patsy Tenney to the Kittitas County Fair <br />Board, for a three year term effective immediately and ending on <br />December 31, 2019 (completing a previous member’s term). <br />