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1/16/2018 MINUTES 2 <br />alternate Commissioners that will oversee the different Department <br />Head’s on an annual basis. They determined at the end of 2013 they <br />would review the various committees they participate in and provide <br />beneficial updates to the Board as needed during this time as well. <br /> <br />REQUEST TREASURER’S OFFICE CLOSURE COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />Chairman Osiadacz explained that she received an e-mail from County <br />Treasurer Brett Wachsmith requesting permission to close his office <br />on the following days for 2018: ½ day on the Wednesday before <br />Thanksgiving; ½ day on Christmas Eve and the Friday of Labor Day <br />Weekend. <br /> <br />The Board was in agreement that it’s important for County <br />Departments to be open for the public to conduct their business and <br />that they would not support the request for closures for ½ day on <br />Wednesday before Thanksgiving; nor would they support the closure of <br />the Treasurer’s office on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. They <br />stated that they would address the ½ day closure on Christmas Eve <br />later in the year when the request comes from HR on behalf of all <br />County Departments. The Board asked Chairman Osiadacz to follow up <br />with Mr. Wachsmith letting him know the Boards decision. <br /> <br />FOLLOW UP FUNDING REQUEST COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />Commissioner Jewell stated that he had some funding options to <br />report on. He indicated that he met with Judy Pless, Budget & <br />Finance Director and they are still working on hard numbers however, <br />he thought the County could contribute a one-time payment of <br />$5,000.00 dollars and then do a percapita analysis to determine <br />funding to put in place through a Contract where a percentage would <br />be dedicated to the Upper County Youth Activities Program. He <br />thought that removing the funding that HopeSource currently gets for <br />Upper County Youth Activities and putting it in place for Ms. Bass’s <br />program could reach more folks. He stated that it’s not the <br />$10,000.00 Ms. Bass was looking for however, it would provide some <br />guaranteed funding every year. <br /> <br />The Board indicated that they were in support of Commissioner <br />Jewell’s funding suggestion. <br /> <br />Commissioner Jewell stated he will continue to work on the details <br />and report back to the Board. <br /> <br />REQUEST FUNDING AGENDERATOR DISPLAY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />The Board ran out of time and the discussion was to be moved to the <br />January 22, 2018 Office Admin. Meeting. <br /> <br />OTHER BUSINESS-N/A