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<br />10/03/2017 MINUTES 2 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />DATE MINUTES <br />12/13/2016 Solid Waste Study Session <br />07/11/2017 Solid Waste Study Session <br />08/08/2017 Solid Waste Study Session <br />09/05/2017 Executive Session <br />09/11/2017 Office Admin <br />09/11/2017 Dept. Head-Auditor <br />09/11/2017 Dept. Head-IT <br />09/11/2017 Dept. Head-Public Health <br />09/13/2017 Public Hearing <br />09/14/2017 Courthouse Needs <br />09/18/2017 Agenda Study Session <br />09/18/2017 Office Admin <br />09/18/2017 Dept. Head-IT <br />09/18/2017 Dept. Head-Event Center <br />09/18/2017 Executive Session <br />09/19/2017 Public Hearing <br />09/19/2017 Agenda Session <br />09/21/2017 Letter to Sen. Patty Murray <br />09/21/2017 State Auditor Exit Conference <br />09/25/2017 Office Admin <br />09/25/2017 Dept. Head-Cancelled <br />09/25/2017 Executive Session <br />09/26/2017 Executive Session <br />09/28/2017 Noise Ordinance Waiver <br /> <br />AMENDMENT STATE MILITARY DEPARTMENT SHERIFF <br /> <br />Acknowledge Amendment A to Grant Agreement E17-156, with the Washington <br />State Military Department, extending the Agreement deadline from August <br />31, 2017 to September 30, 2017. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION 2017-160 REVISED RECORDS MANAGEMENT POLICY IT <br /> <br />Approve Resolution No. 2017-160, Adopting the Revised Records Management <br />Policy. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION 2017-161 & 2017-162 ORTHOIMAGERY SERVICES IT <br /> <br />Approve Resolution No. 2017-161, Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement <br />between Kittitas County and the Kittitas County Conservation District <br />for Orthoimagery Services and Resolution No. 2017-162, Authorizing an <br />Interlocal Agreement between Kittitas County and the City of Ellensburg <br />for Orthoimagery Services. <br />