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<br />2019-08-14 MINUTES 2 <br /> <br />discuss further. Chairman Wright and Commissioner Wachsmith <br />agree to keep moving forward with the process. <br />10:10 Dan Morgan enters the meeting. <br />Kady said that the stalls are going to be leveled with sand <br />today. <br />10:12 Anne Anderson leaves meeting <br /> <br />Self Promoted Events Business <br />At Cowboy Cross event in September, Kittitas Valley Event Center <br />(KVEC) will be operating Behind the Chutes. Kady is working to <br />secure bar tenders, Lacie will be licensed as a bar tender. It <br />will be a good source of additional revenue for KVEC. Chairman <br />Wright asked about needed insurance. Per Kady, she is working <br />with Lisa for liquor liability for the event and is looking to <br />get an ongoing policy to cover all KVEC events, verses doing <br />event by event. <br />Special Projects <br />Structural repairs will be complete in light horse barn by <br />today. Leveling of the stalls with sand will hopefully be <br />completed today. <br />Fair and Rodeo Updates <br />Jr. Horse fair is this weekend. Lacie will verify with horse 4H <br />leader as to when they will be vacating the rodeo arena on <br />Sunday. <br />Dan Morgan stated that he and Tim will be doing a punch list <br />walk through Thursday, will have a better idea of where they are <br />at after that. <br />Discussion of designated smoking areas. Kady and Dan will work <br />on finding a designated smoking area on the rodeo side of the <br />grounds. Commissioner Wachsmith asked if the section 9 area <br />would be a good smoking area, since the fair has already <br />designated that area. Dan asked if it would be a problem if the