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Board of Health Minutes <br />July 18, 2019 <br />2 of 3 <br />• Water Resources worked with Public Works to create a short term water lease program that <br />focuses on providing water to agriculture land during drought times. <br />• It is year-end for a lot of contracts, and the department is working on renewals. <br />• KCPHD will be receiving up to $5000 for the vector program from the state, specifically for staff <br />time for mosquito trapping. <br />• Ms. Lamb is working on 2019 budget finalization, as well as 2020 fees and budget. <br />• Several KCPHD staff attended open government training with Judy Pless. <br />Ms. Lamb then asked Kasey Knutson to give a brief update regarding the coffee stand in the courthouse. <br />Ms. Knutson gave a quick background on the coffee stand, and noted that she had drafted a contract, <br />which had been submitted to the prosecuting attorney's office and received edits, and was now with <br />Human Resources. Ms. Knutson is also drafting a resolution. <br />Health Officer Update <br />Dr. Larson stepped to the microphone to discuss bike safety and helmet use. Currently 12 areas in <br />Washington State have helmet laws, the most recent being Spokane. Dr. Larson stated he is not <br />advocating for a helmet law, but he hopes in the future we can promote helmet safety for biking and <br />skateboarding, in hopes that normalizing it will encourage more people to use helmets. He also hopes <br />that Kittitas County can continue to become safer for cyclists and those who choose to walk. There were <br />several questions and discussion from the board about a previous law, and the difficulty in studying data <br />regarding helmet safety for individuals who are injured and receive head trauma in accidents, vs <br />individuals who are killed. Rich Elliot noted that there is Ellensburg City Code regarding helmets being <br />required for those under 16. <br />Financial Update <br />Tina Rowan stepped to the microphone and gave the financial update. Ms. Rowan is currently working <br />on grant renewals, and discussed the origins of several additional revenue funds, as well as an overage <br />of expenditures due to employee trainings. <br />There was a question from the board regarding year-to-date revenue percentages; these are due to an <br />expected influx of permits during the fall. <br />Business <br />Syringe Exchange Evaluation Update <br />Amy Fuller stepped to the microphone to present data regarding KCPHD Syringe Exchange. The <br />presentation included the following information: <br />• History and Purpose of Syringe Exchange <br />• Program Evaluation Results from Ellensburg and Upper County <br />There were questions from the board regarding the collection of client demographics, and partnerships <br />with Central Washington University. <br />Upper County Syringe Exchange — Request for Direction <br />Lianne Bradshaw presented information about the first year of the Upper County Expansion project. The <br />information included program activities to date, estimated cost of the program, number of participants <br />and the number of syringes disposed of. <br />Ms. Bradshaw then asked the board for direction on how to proceed with the Upper County Expansion <br />program. There was board discussion. Ms. Bradshaw and Ms. Fuller will put the program on pause, while <br />searching for other locations and assessing the needs of how to better provide this service to Upper <br />County. <br />