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5. Insurance. The terms of this section shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement to cover claims <br />arising during the term of this agreement and any applicable limitation term. CHCW shall maintain <br />professional liability insurance for each physician or other provider providing services under the terms of this <br />Agreement with minimum liability of limits of one million dollars ($1,000 ,000) per occurrence and three <br />million dollars ($3,000,000) in the aggregate. <br />6. Billing. CHCW will make attempts to bill patient's insurance at time of service. CHCW will submit patient <br />responsible medical claims, at least monthly, to Kittitas County Corrections Center for professional services <br />rendered by CHCW staff for incarcerated inmates at the Jail. Billed charges shall be equal to L&I <br />(Washington State Department of Labor & Industries) fee schedule. Payment for the services is expected <br />within 45 days ofreceiving the claim(s) from CHCW. The Claim information will contain the inmates name, <br />services rendered, and rendering provider of services (Medical or Mental Health Provider). Kittitas County <br />Corrections Center will be required to provide CHCW a W-9 upon the agreement's effective data. <br />7. Term and Termination of Agreement. <br />7.1 This agreement will be in effect until either party chooses to terminate or request an amendment to <br />the terms . <br />7 .2 Termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time with our without cause and <br />without penalty or premium upon ninety (90) days prior written notice. This Agreement shall <br />terminate immediately (a) if necessary in Kittitas County Corrections Center's or CHCW's <br />reasonable judgment, to protect patient health or safety, or (b) in the event CHCW or its Practitioners <br />providing services on behalf of CHCW under the terms of this Agreement is excluded from <br />participating in the Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. In the event of termination of this <br />Agreement, Kittitas County Corrections Center and its Practitioners shall cooperate with and shall <br />not interfere in the transfer of responsibilities of CHCW and its Practitioners to a successor entity or <br />physician(s). <br />8. Miscellaneous . <br />8.1 Non-Discrimination. All decisions by CHCW that govern its employment practices, including the <br />selection of physicians or providers assigned to Kittitas County Corrections Center under the terms <br />of this Agreement, shall be made on the basis of qualifications, ability and performance, without <br />regard to an individual's race, color religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, sex, marital <br />status, veteran status, or disability. All employment related decisions shall be made in accordance <br />with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. <br />8 .2 Binding Effect. All obligations and prohibitions imposed on CHCW or its Practitioners pursuant to <br />this Agreement are equally applicable to each and every physician or provider providing services <br />under this Agreement, and CHCW shall ensure that each such physician or provider agrees to be so <br />bound. The CHCW CEO is hereby designated to act as its representative and he is hereby <br />authorized to bind CHCW and its Practitioners with respect to all matters relating to the rights and <br />duties of CHCW and its Practitioners pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.