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performance under this Agreement is July 1, 2019 regardless of the date of execution and it shall <br />end on June 30, 2020, except for any remaining obligations of the Contractor as may exist. <br />COMPENSATION <br />a. Contractor shall be reimbursed a maximum of $37,800 for costs incurred during the period <br />of performance. Payment for satisfactory performance of the work shall not exceed this <br />amount unless the parties mutually agree to a higher amount in writing, except as <br />governed by the REVENUE SHARING section of this agreement. <br />b. Contractor shall receive payment for actual costs (within the amount identified) which are <br />associated with the processing of CHINS, ARY and Truancy petitions. Contractor shall use <br />Exhibit A Becca Cost Guidelines (attached and incorporated into this agreement) as a <br />guide for determining what costs should be reimbursed. <br />c. Contractor shall not be reimbursed until properly -completed monthly A-19 invoice and <br />Becca Monthly Detail Report (see Exhibit B attached and incorporated into this <br />agreement) is received and approved by AOC. <br />d. If this agreement is terminated, Contractor shall only receive payment for performance <br />rendered or costs incurred in accordance with the terms of this agreement prior to the <br />effective date of termination. <br />e. Contractor shall submit invoices to AOC monthly. <br />f. Payment will be made by the AOC upon receipt of a properly -completed invoice <br />detailing reimbursable expenses. Invoices are to be sent to Financial Services, <br />Administrative Office of the Courts, P.O. Box 41172, Olympia, WA 98504-1172. AOC <br />will remit payment to the Contractor in a total amount not to exceed the value of this <br />contract. <br />g. Payments will be considered timely if made by the AOC within 30 days of receipt of a <br />properly prepared invoice by the AOC or receipt of satisfactory services, whichever is <br />later. <br />h. Contractor shall maintain sufficient backup documentation of direct costs expenses <br />under this Agreement. <br />i. Allocated administrative court costs must be applied at a rate that is set forth and <br />supported by a documented internal administrative rate plan that has been approved by <br />the designated authority at the Superior Court and is readily accessible for review by <br />AOC or the State Auditor. <br />REVENUE SHARING <br />AOC, in its sole discretion and upon notice, may reallocate funding among county Becca <br />programs. If it appears Contractor may not expend the maximum contract amount, AOC may <br />reduce the maximum contract amount. AOC may increase the maximum contract amount if <br />additional funds become available through this revenue sharing program. <br />OTHER PROVISIONS FOR SERVICES <br />a. Background CheckiCriminal History <br />In accordance with Chapters 388-700 WAC, 7205 RCW, and 43.20A RCW, the <br />Contractor is required to conduct background check/criminal history clearance for all <br />employees, subcontractors and/or volunteers who may or will have regular access to <br />any clientfjuvenile, prior to any access under this Agreement. <br />IAA20077 Page 2 of 5 <br />