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Lori Nevin mentioned that town hall meetings were an original function of the Upper County <br /> Traffic Task Force. The task force suggested that a September or October public meeting would <br /> be prudent to discuss these suggestions. <br /> General discussion on road alterations (pedestrian walkway,jersey barriers, crosswalks, etc.) was <br /> held. <br /> Patricia Garris recommended the closure of Exit 74 eastbound on Fridays 12-8pm and Elk <br /> Heights westbound on Sundays 12-8pm. Clay Myers and Mark Cook noted that these types of <br /> closures require a significant amount of public notification and collaboration with WSDOT. <br /> General discussion on accidents involving animals and pet enforcement was held. General <br /> discussion on speed trailers and truck traffic was held. <br /> Deidrah Wright inquired about local access only tags, truck ordinances, and speeding problems. <br /> Dave brought up that the suggestion to widen Nelson Siding Road would cause a plethora of <br /> issues for residents. Dave also mentioned that gates can be set up with a radio for emergency <br /> personnel access. <br /> Clay Myers made a motion to adjourn with Patricia Garris seconding the motion. Meeting <br /> adjourned at 2:43pm. <br /> Cindy Millsap Approval Date <br /> Upper County Task Force 2019 Page 2 <br />