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Kittitas County H ealth Ne twork <br />Letter of Commitment for Internal Collaboration on Funding Opportunities <br />Kittitas County Health Network (KCHN) Members <br />The intent of the KCHN is to collaborate across organizations to improve health outcomes for all <br />members of the community. KCHN has achieved the status of a 501 c 3 non-profit, has secured initial <br />funding through grants and through the GCACH to form an operating structure. An Executive Director <br />was hired in January. These actions ensure KCHN can achieve itself as a self-sustaining entity that makes <br />a significant impact on the health of Kittitas County communities well into the future. <br />KCHN becoming and remaining self-sustaining depends on cooperation and partnerships within the <br />Network and with the broader community. <br />By signing and submitting this Letter of Commitment, your organization commits to the following: <br />• In the process of seeking new funding opportunities that are consistent with the mission, vision, <br />and values of KCHN, our organization will consider the application as an opportunity to include <br />KCHN partners in the grant deliverables <br />• Where possible our organization will work with KCHN to apply for new funding opportunities in <br />KCHN's name with support from our organization in the deliverables <br />This Letter of Commitment does not preclude any KCHN member organization from seeking and <br />applying for grants independent of KCHN, however, the desire of the KCHN has always been to <br />collaborate broadly and with equity in order to serve the community's healthcare needs in a cost- <br />effective and efficient manner that considers the whole person and whole family in that care . <br />www. hea Ith