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2 <br />Section 2.04. Vacancies. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of County <br />Commissioners to fill any committee position which becomes vacant with a successor who shall hold office for <br />the unexpired term and until his/her successor shall have been duly appointed and qualified. <br />Section 2.05. Establishment of Sub-Committees. The Committee may designate from among its <br />members one or more sub-committees to advise or perform other duties on behalf of the Committee, provided <br />any final action shall require approval of the Committee. The designation of any such sub-committee and the <br />delegation thereto of authority shall not operate to relieve any member of the Committee of any responsibility <br />imposed by the Board of Commissioners. Non-Committee members may be appointed to a sub-committee with <br />consent from the Committee. Sub –committees will only report to the full committee with specific response to <br />the issue that it has been delegated by the full committee <br /> <br />ARTICLE III <br />Meetings <br /> <br />Section 3.01. Regular Committee Meetings. Regular meetings of the Public Lands Advisory <br />Committee shall be held monthly (twelve meetings per year) provided however that the Committee may alter <br />such regular meeting time and place. <br />Section 3.02. Special Committee Meetings. Special meetings of the Committee may be held at any <br />place at any time whenever called by the Chair or a majority of the members of the Committee. <br />Section 3.03. It is the intent that the Committee will work to make recommendations to the Board of <br />Commissioners based on consensus of its members whenever possible. <br />Section 3.04. Parliamentary Authority. The rules of Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern <br />the Authority in all cases to which they are applicable, where they are not inconsistent with the Charter or with <br />the special rules of order of the Authority set forth in the By-laws. <br /> <br />ARTICLE IV <br />Amendments to By-laws <br /> <br />Section 4.01. Proposals to Amend By-laws. <br />1. Proposals to amend the By-laws shall be presented in a format which strikes over material to be <br />deleted and underlines new material. <br />2. Any Committee member may introduce a proposed amendment to the By-laws (which may <br />consist of new By-laws) at any regular meeting or at any special meeting of which fifteen (15) <br />day's advance notice has been given. <br />Section 4.02. Committee Consideration of Proposed Amendments. If notice of a proposed <br />amendment to the Bylaws, and information including the text of the proposed amendment and a statement of its <br />purpose and effect, is provided to members of the Committee fifteen (15) days prior to any regular Committee <br />meeting or any special meeting, then the Committee may vote on the proposed amendment at the same meeting <br />as the one at which the amendment is introduced. If such notice and information is not so provided, the <br />Committee may not vote on the proposed amendment until the next regular Committee meeting or special <br />meeting of which fifteen (15) days advance notice has been given. Germane amendments to the proposed <br />amending within the scope of the original amendment will be permitted at the meeting at which the vote is taken <br />as provided in the Charter. <br />Section 4.03. Vote Required for Amendments to By-laws. Resolutions of the Committee approving <br />proposed amendments to the By-laws require an affirmative vote of a 2/3 majority of the Committee members <br />then in office. <br />Section 4.04. Effective Date. Amendments to the By-laws are effective ten days after filing of same <br />with the Board of County Commissioners, unless such amendment(s) shall have been passed by unanimous vote <br />of the Committee and an earlier effective date been set. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />