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C.A.R.S . Page 1 of2 <br />Kittitas County <br />Certification of the 2018 Road Levy and Estimated Revenue Produced <br />WAC 136-150-021 <br />Total County Valuation: $6,434 ,855,673 <br />($/Thousand) Road District Amount Valuation <br />Highest Lawful Road Levy: $1.452294 $4,501,291,504 $6,537,199 <br />County Road Levy Shifted to Current <br />Expense (per RCW 84.52 .043): <br />$0.197529 $4,501 ,291,504 $889,137 <br />Adjusted Highest Lawful Road Levy: $1 .254765 $4 ,501 ,291 ,504 $5 ,648,062 <br />Actual Established Road Levy: <br />(Levy Fixed in Accordance with RCW <br />36.40.090) $0 .972656 $4,501 ,291,504 $4,378,208 <br />No, Addition of Refund Levy Authority RCW <br />84 .55 .070 <br />County Road Property Tax Re ve nues Diverted For Other Unincorporated Purposes in Accordance with <br />RCW 36 .33.220, RCW 3 9 .89, or RCW 84.55 .050 : <br />Service to be Provided Diverted $lThousand Diverted Levy Amount <br />Traffic Law Enforcement RCW 36.33.220 <br />Total Diverted Road Levy: <br />0.044431 <br />$0.044431 <br />$199,997 <br />$199,997 <br />Road Levy Revenue Remaining for Roads <br />(RCW 36.82.040) $0.928225 <br />Road Funds Budgeted to be used for Traffic Law Enforcement <br />$4,178,211 <br />Traffic Law Enforcement Funded Through Operating Transfer (per agreement): $199,997 <br />Traffic Law Enforcement Funded Through Direct Payment (cost reimbursement): $0 <br />Total Budgeted Road Fund Expenditures for Traffic Enforcement: $199,997 <br />Reporting of Diverted Road Levy and budgeted Road Fund <br />Expenditures for Traffic Law Enforcement amounts are both required in <br />order to ascertain county eligibility for RATA funds. (see WAC 136-150- <br />030) <br />Note: WAC 136-150-021 provides that "The CRABoard will request that every county legislative authority <br />submit a certification showing the amount of the road levy fixed and the amount, if any, budgeted in <br />accordance with RCW 36 .33.220 for traffic law enforcement and/or any other purpose from diverted road <br />levy no later than February 1 st of each year". <br /> 1/30/2018