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DocuSign Envelope 10: 62955F10-7A37-4CBO-A808-2BA7AOB5515E <br />CONTRACT FOR NAVIGATOR SERVICES <br />BETWEEN <br />WASHINGTON HEALTH BENEFIT EXCHANGE <br />AND <br />YAKIMA NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH SERVICES <br />This Contract is made and entered into by and between the Washington Health Benefit Exchange hereinafter <br />referred to as the "HBE" or "EXCHANGE", and the below named firm, hereinafter referred to as "Contractor," <br />Contractor Name: Yakima Neighborhood Health Services <br />Business Address: 12 South 8th Street, PO Box 2605 <br />City, State and Zip Code: Yakima, WA 98907-2605 <br />Phone: (509)574-5550 <br />Email: C1nfta :n10/ <br />WA State UBI Number: 601139605 <br />1. IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED THAT: <br />The purpose of this contract is to provide the Washington Health Benefit Exchange with a qualified <br />Navigator Lead Organization to conduct outreach and to build and oversee a network of organizations that <br />deliver Washington Healthplanfinder application and enrollment assistance throughout designated <br />services areas. The Contractor will perform the responsibilities and duties, as defined in Statements of <br />Work, throughout the term of the resulting Contract. <br />2. SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />Under no circumstances will contractors perform any work until this Contract and any subsequent Statement <br />of Work (SOW) have been fully executed. Any work performed without a properly executed Contract, <br />Statement of Work, or amendment will be at the Contractor's risk. The EXCHANGE is under no obligation to <br />pay for work performed without properly executed authorization. <br />3. SCOPE OF WORK <br />3.1 Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated by reference, contains the General Terms and Conditions <br />governing work to be performed under this contract, the nature of the working relationship between <br />the EXCHANGE and the CONTRACTOR, and specific obligations of both parties. <br />3 .2 The CONTRACTOR will provide services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or <br />incidental to the performance of work, as set forth in Exhibit C, Statement of Work, attached hereto <br />and incorporated by reference herein and any other Statement of Work entered into by the parties <br />under this Contract . <br />4. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE <br />The initial period of performance for this Contract is August 1, 2017 or date of execution, whichever is <br />later, through June 30, 2018. The Exchange may extend this Contract in whatever timeframes the <br />EXCHANGE deems necessary, not to exceed June 30, 2022. No billable activity may take place until this <br />Contract has been signed by both parties. <br />HBE-349 YNHS Navigator Lead Organization Services Contract Page 1 of41