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, <br />J <br />i <br />! <br />DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY LICENSE <br />YAKIMA TRAINING CENTER MILITARY INSTALLATION <br />YAKIMA AND KITTITAS COUNTIES, WASHINGTON <br />JBLM 16·24 <br />THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY j hereinafter ref erred to as the Secretary, orduly <br />authorized representative under authority of the General Admin lstrat ive Powers of <br />SeOf$tary, hereby grants to Kittitas County Sheriffs: Office, hereinafter referred to as <br />the granteE:)J a non"ex clu ~!ve lice ns e-fo 'r Use -of ra nges 1,2, 6, .24 , and 73 for law <br />enfo rc em ent weapons qu alif icati ons t rairllng and ra nge 25 f or V~15 0arm p red personnel <br />carri er trarnlng over, acros s:, In ana upon land s at Yakima Traini ng Center Military <br />Re ~eNca tion.W ~shJng ton, here inafter referred to -a~ th ~ prem-ises. - <br />TtilS LICENSE Is granted subject to the following conditions. <br />1. TERM <br />This: license is granted for 1;1 term of one Year, beginning 1 May 2016 and ending 30 <br />April 20'17. but revocable at will by the Secretary of the Army. It is au:tnbtizedfot no <br />more than seven (7} 'Consecutive: days and no mOte than 30 days for the term. <br />2. CONSIOERATlQN <br />a. rhe grantee shall pay In advance to-the United States the amount of <br />__ Waived and NO 1100 DOLLARS ($0.00), (in full for the term hereof) <br />(payable ) to the order of the Frnance and Accounting Offi cer) <br />~ ___ ....-_ Oil$jri;ct, anq delivered to ______ ...1 <br />b. All conslderatior'i and other payments dus, undertfle terms of this lIcense rnu~t be <br />paid on or before: the date they are due in order to avoId th-e mandatory $~nctions <br />imposed byihe Debt Collection Act of 1982, (31 U ,S.C. Section 3717), This statute <br />requires the imposition of an interest charge for the late payment of debtsowe<J to the <br />United States; an administratlva charge to COver the ' casts of ptoce$sirtg arid handling <br />delinquent debts; a.nd the assessment of an additional penalty charge :on any portion of <br />a debt that is inorethan 90 days past due. The provisitmsofthe st~~ute will be <br />impte01@nted as follows; <br />(1} The United States will impose ah interest charge'. the amount to be <br />determined by Jawor regulation, on I~ate payment of debts. Interest will accrue from (the <br />due date:) (the lafer of the due date or the date notification ofthe amount due is mailed <br />to the grantee). An administrative charge to cover the cost of processing and hanQling <br />1 <br />1 ..