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Kittitas County <br />Review Form <br />Grants & Contract Agreement <br />Today's Date <br />December 21,2009 I I Agenda Date <br />() 1-/1-10 _______ --1 <br />Fund/Department <br />3D/Sh eriff <br />Contract/Grant Information <br />Contract /Grant Agency WSP Agreement No. C090937FED (AMEND #1) Marijuana Eradication 2009 (#09- <br />013) <br />Period Begin Date January 1, 2009 I I Period End Date December 31,2009 <br />Total Grant/Contract Amount $4,682.08 <br />Grant/Contract Number C090937FED <br />Contract/Grant Summary: This Agreement has been amended to provide additional monies for Law <br />Enforcement to get reimbursed for overtime salaries regarding the Marijuana Eradication agreement. <br />Financial Information <br />Total Amount $4,682.08 State Funds $ Federal Funds $ <br />Percentage County Funds Matching Funds $ CFDA#16.000 <br />In-Kind $ <br />Explain <br />Is Equipment being purchased? Who owns equipment? <br />New Personnel being hired? Contact HR hiring -reporting requirements <br />Future impacts or liability to Kittitas County: <br />Budget Information <br />Budget Amendment Needed? Yes [K] attach budget form No 0 Why not <br />New Division Created? <br />Revenue Code WSP Marijuana <br />Grant/Contract Review Page 1