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WASPC "$500 MINI-GRANT" AGREEMENT FORM <br />IN ACCEPTING A WASPC "$500 MINI-GRANT", THE Kittitas County Sheriff's Office <br />(Department Name) <br />AGREES TO COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING GRANT CONDITIONS: <br />1. The materials received as a result of this grant will be used as part of a department safety <br />program. <br />2. The equipment received as a result of this project will be distributed as part of an agency's <br />commitment to traffic safety and active traffic enforcement. Agencies receiving grants are <br />required (when possible) to support statewide traffic safety initiatives to include: <br />• Three Flags Enforcement Blitzes (10 days in February, July, and October) <br />• Holiday Safety Emphasis Patrols (Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas/New Year's) <br />Statewide activities will focus on Impaired Driving, SeatbeltlChiid Car Seat Enforcement, <br />and Speed Enforcement. Results of Blitz/Emphasis activity will be reported on quarterly <br />activity reports. <br />3 . At the completion of the project, a mini-grant report will be submitted to WASPC . The <br />project report will contain the following information and is due on October 15, 2011: <br />A) Recap of current traffic safety enforcement and educational activities <br />B) Identified traffic safety issue addressed with this particular grant <br />C) Identified target audience <br />D) Items purchased with $500 Mini-Grant <br />E) Distribution plan implemented <br />F) Program description <br />G) Program success/Outcome (Final Report) <br />H) Future plans <br />I) Department contact for program 8~1fi('"" ~A/V~ Pho ne SCI f.. '1 (, L ." hi r <br />SIGNED: -------.l..C;;_.~~ ....... ;;.-s::h~, :::::::~:::======~_DATE : ___ I_L_-_"_'_· _2_'1/_1J __ <br />(efiref or Sheriff) <br />~J4~ <br />SIGNED : ____ ~-----------,DATE :--,:J.---I---II --- <br />Don Pierce, Executive Director