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B. And the right of grading, conditioning, and installing drainage facilities, and seeding <br />the soil of the premises, and the removal of all obstructions from the premises which may <br />constitute a hindrance to the establishment and maintenance of Government facilities. <br />C. And the right to make alterations, attach fixtures, and erect additions, structures, or <br />signs, in or upon the premises hereby leased, which alterations, fixtures, additions, <br />structures or signs so placed in or upon, or attached to the said premises shall be and <br />remain the property of the Government. <br />2. TERM (AUG-02): <br />To have and to hold, for the term commencing on October 1,2009 and continuing though <br />September 30, 2019 inclusive, PROVIDED, that adequate appropriations are available <br />from year to year for the payment of rentals. <br />3. CONSIDERATION (COST) (AUG-02): <br />The Government shall pay the Lessor rental for the premises in the amount of $650.00 <br />per year during the lease period. Payments shall be made in arrears at the end of each <br />fiscal year without the submission of invoices or vouchers. The payments shall be made <br />to: Kittitas County Auditors Office and sent to: 205 W 5th Ave., Ste. 105 Ellensburg, WA <br />98926 or directly deposited in accordance with the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) <br />Payment clause in this lease. Payments shall be considered paid on the day a check is <br />dated or an electronic funds transfer is made. <br />4. CANCELLATION (AUG-02): <br />The Government may terminate this lease, in whole or in part, if the Real Estate <br />Contracting Officer (RECO) determines that a termination is in the best interest of the <br />Government. The RECO shall terminate by delivering to the Lessor a written notice <br />specifying the effective date of the termination. The termination notice shall be delivered <br />by registered mail return receipt requested and mailed at least 30 days before the effective <br />termination date. <br />5. PAYMENT BY ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER (OCT-06): <br />A. Method of payment. <br />1. All payments by the Government under this contract will be made by electronic <br />funds transfer (EFT), except as provided in paragraph (a) (2) or (a) (3) of this lease. As <br />used in this clause, the term "EFT" refers to the funds transfer and may also include the <br />payment information transfer. Payment information transfer refers to the payment <br />information normally sent with a payment to assist the contractor in associating the <br />payment to specific contracts. <br />2. In the event the Government is unable to release one or more payments by EFT, <br />the Contractor agrees to either: <br />a. Accept payment by check or <br />b. Request the Government to extend the payment due date until such time as the