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KfT T !TAS COUNTY <br />increase to more than 10% of the previous year's annual rental rate (for the year 2003 any <br />increase of the rental rate shall be based upon the original 3 cents persguare foot and will <br />not include the rental credit), <br />It the Lessee does not agree with the rental, the Lessee may request arbitration. If the <br />Lessee elects to arbitrate, the Lessee shall select one arbitrator and the County shall select one <br />arbitrator and the two so chosen shall select a third arbitrator. The arbitrators shall have the <br />authority to increase the rent or continue the previous rental and both parties shall be bound by <br />the decision of the arbitrators, The cost of arbitration shall be borne by the Lessee. <br />LEASEHOLD TAX. The Lessee shall pay to the County, the leasehoid tax as set forth by <br />the State of Washington, in Chapter 61, Laws of 1976, Second Executive Session (RCW 82.29A) <br />or as amended. The tax shall be due and payable at the same time the rental charged herein is <br />due and payable. <br />FIRE PROTECTION ASSESSMENT. In addition to any rental herein provided, the <br />Lessee shall pay a fee which shall be in lieu of taxes for fire protection services, a sum equal to <br />$1,00 (plus any special. levies of the Fire District which has received voter approval) per $1,000,00 <br />of appraised value of land and improvements of the leased premises, The value of the !eased <br />premises shall be determined by the Kittitas County Assessor. This fee shall be due annually <br />each and every year during the tern and shall be due and payable on the 1st day of June of each <br />year. In the event the premises are leased for only a portion of a year, the amount shall be <br />prorated. Any rental payment and any fees paid in lieu of fire protection services which are past <br />due shall accrue a delinquency fee of eighteen percent (18%) per annum. <br />MAINTENANCE, The Lessee covenants, promises, and agrees that it will perform all <br />routine maintenance on said premises hereby demised so as to keep the same in as good as <br />condition as the same now exists, or may hereafter be put, including all glass, electrical <br />appliances, plumbing, sewer, and heating. Damage by fire, acts of God and reasonable wear, <br />tear, and usage are excepted. <br />The Lessee further agrees that it will not commit waste, and that it will keep said <br />premises and grounds, including those owned by the Lessee in a safe, sanitary and orderly <br />condition and in general shall comply with all the applicable governmental rules, ordinances and <br />regulations as may be required or imposed by such authorities on said premises hereby demised, <br />LAND LEASE - INDUSTRIAL AREA <br />PAGE 2 <br />