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Hultz/BHU Engineers <br />2407 North 315` Street, Suite 200 <br />Tacoma, WA 98407 <br />PROJECT <br />Kittitas County Jail <br />Mechanical Repairs <br />TO CONTRACTOR <br />Holmberg Company <br />1128 8"' Street <br />Kirkland, WA 98033 <br />FIELD AUTHORIZATION NO: 04 <br />DATE: August 31,2010 <br />PROJECT NO: 09-098 <br />. . . . . . .... <br />YOU ARE AUTHORIZED TO PROCEED WITH THE CHANGES TO THE CONTRACT <br />DOCUMENTS AS DESCRIBED BELOW ON A TIME AND MATERIAL BASIS. COSTS EXPENDED <br />SHALL NOT EXCEED THE AUTHORIZED AMOUNT INDICATED BELOW WITHOUT PRIOR <br />APPROVAL OF THE ARCHITECT/ENGINEER. DOCUMENTATION SUPPORTING COSTS <br />ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHANGE IS REQUIRED BEFORE A CHANGE ORDER WILL BE <br />ISSUED. <br />NOT -TO -EXCEED AMOUNT: One Thou Dollars ($ c <br />DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE: <br />Repair leaking water piping located above the Control Room. <br />REQUESTED BY: Rick Hultz, Hultz/BHU Engineers Inc. on behalf of the Owner, <br />