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Kittitas County Solid Waste, Fair & Maintenance Study Session <br />February 10th, 2011--10:00 a.m. <br />Jail Mechanical: In close out, still a few punch list items. Asking for extended warranty on rec <br />floor as there are some issues with it. Coils are cleaned, fans not done as had to be custom <br />made. Ad ready to go in paper for 45 day notice to any creditors. <br />Jail i=x <br />pansion, Building permit submitted Feb. 9th with architect. Plans and specs will be <br />coming for the BOCC. There are two public meetings scheduled. Found the sewer lines but not <br />where the plans showed them, will have to reroute. Moving along well, should be out to bid at <br />the end of March with construction starting in May. Assessor's/Treasurer's have concerns <br />about safety when construction begins. Crane operator requires a safety person and <br />inspection. Commissioner Obie had question if we have allowances for dead days for wind built <br />into the time frame. The crane Is here 17 weeks with time being paid. Have to wait to see how <br />contractors will do things, move dirt, etc. Will they conveyor through the jail lobby or up and <br />over the top. Also need to find out what the construction schedule will be. <br />Board Direction: If Assessor's/Treasurer's went to move it has to come out of their budget. <br />Put together a meeting on safety of cranes and what will happen during construction. Include <br />the BOCC, crane people, office staff, and maintenance. Commissioner O'Brien requested that <br />a noise waiver be obtained from the City for the entire length of the project, otherwise the noise <br />ordinance is 10:00 pm <br />Armo[y: Plans are on the computer but can't access right now, possibly due to proxy server <br />issue. Will get them to board as soon as possible. Completion should be in October. The <br />ceiling tile is down. Fair Board has questions about exterior lighting. Nothing in project for <br />outside lighting, mainly focused on interior. Matt will look at what can be done with this. Board <br />had some questions about the shared board room utilizing the bigger break out room. Reason <br />is space and the bigger one has built in cabinetry and also the LCD TV on the wall. Working on <br />the audio, getting an update and should have plans before end of day. <br />Board Direction: Include IS in discussions, <br />rm. . . . . . . . . . . <br />-A-c` <br />Patti Johnson, Interim Facilities Maintenance Projects <br />AA,l P UUV Ll <br />3/I <br />0 <br />3/1 / ZZI I <br />