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that the Prosecutor's department was the only department <br />that had not been impacted by budget reductions, and they <br />would likely be next should the need arise again. <br />• Commissioner Crankovich added the possibility that <br />employment law services may change in July which would <br />provide additional staff time. <br />• Commissioner O'Brien asked when a replacement attorney <br />would be brought onboard if approved, considering the <br />possible benefit of a delay; however, Prosecutor Zempel <br />explained that the process could take less than a month. <br />• The Board asked HR Director Young to add this to her next <br />Study Session (February 22) to provide more time for the <br />Board and Prosecutor to consider the impacts of filling the <br />position vs. leaving it vacant. <br />CDS Budget Discussion <br />• HR Director Young was asked to invite PW/Interim CDS <br />Director Holmes and Administrative Assistant Weed to this <br />session to provide a financial update with respect to <br />updated revenue projections for 2011, continued stipends, <br />and a transition plan for returning to a clean division <br />between CDS and Public Works staff/projects. <br />• Chairman Jewell said he had spoken with Budget & Finance <br />Manager Pless who confirmed that CDS estimated their <br />revenues conservatively; if projects fell short they may still <br />be okay. <br />• PW/Interim CDS Director Holmes discussed some of the <br />outstanding projects including a transition for the Senior <br />Planner once they are onboard, which they hope will occur <br />in March. However, he added that it could take some time <br />to fully separate the two again to ensure project <br />completion. <br />• Chairman Jewell expressed his interest in having the Capital <br />Facilities Plan be a Public Works project from here forward. <br />PW/Interim CDS Director Holmes indicated that it was <br />possible, but outside of the transportation components, it <br />could not be funded by the road fund and would require a <br />separate general fund line for expenses. Chairman Jewell <br />acknowledged that need. <br />• The existing stipends were discussed; direction from the <br />Board indicated their desire to have the Planning Official <br />stipend end when the Senior Planner is hired. PW/CDS <br />Director Holmes indicated there would still be projects that <br />would require billing to CDS. Chairman Jewell stated that <br />would be preferred over a continued stipend. <br />• PW/CDS Interim Director Holmes also stated there would <br />be continued mapping work billed to CDS because it is a <br />required step in the process. He will continue to review <br />options for completing the 2011 projects while working <br />toward the end goal of separation between departments. <br />• Commissioner Crankovich suggested returning to PW/CDS <br />staff meetings each Monday; however, doing so would <br />require an update to Code or special meeting notices for <br />the additional meetings. Chairman Jewell agreed that it <br />would be worth trying for a few months, and to utilize the <br />special meeting notices until a determination is made on <br />whether or not weekly meetings are needed. The Board <br />will add it to the next Agenda for further discussion. <br />• In closing, the Board stated there is not an anticipated date <br />for transition away from the Interim CDS Director <br />role/stipend. It will continue to be monitored as new staff <br />members are hired. <br />