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and agencies do sit on the committees. Chairman Jewell asked if <br />there was a conflict of interest. Mr. Sullivan said that the <br />Executive Committee votes and anyone with a conflict steps down. <br />Chairman Jewell said it didn't sound much different than what <br />Kittitas County has. <br />Chairman Jewell asked how the recommendations were made. Mr. <br />Sullivan said they look for an agency having the capacity to serve <br />the need; has the accounting system in place to satisfy the grants <br />and other criteria. He said they partner to get grants and <br />collaboration is the key. <br />Commissioner O'Brien asked when the network started to hire staff. <br />Mr. Sullivan said when funding started from recording fees, the <br />network was able to use those funds to centralize their efforts and <br />hire staff. Yakima County paid half the salary to support the <br />network. Commissioner O'Brien asked if this was a separate line item <br />in the budget with its own budget. Mr. Sullivan said the budget was <br />set each year in the Annual Retreat. <br />Commissioner O'Brien asked whether acceptable administrative amounts <br />are set to cover staff salaries. Mr. Sullivan said they don't set an <br />amount, but add administrative charges to the grants they receive to <br />cover administrative staff. He said Yakima County has an office for <br />grant applications. <br />Tom Gaulke, Entrust, said all the agencies had folks doing service <br />for the homeless and this network takes away duplication of services, <br />sharing information and finding gaps in services. He said having a <br />paid staff member is the glue that holds the network together. <br />Kelly Thielen, Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee, asked if <br />the network's work has helped address homelessness in Yakima County. <br />Tim Sullivan said it has helped chronic homelessness, which has <br />dropped over 600. He suggested there were consultants, including Kim <br />Tully who will be leaving Yakima County Human Resources, to help <br />Kittitas County if they wish to pursue a similar network. <br />Commissioner O'Brien asked questions about the Point in Time count <br />and the types of numbers it produced. <br />Chairman Jewell asked about transitional housing available in <br />Kittitas County. Nancy Goodloe said the Kittitas County Transitional <br />Housing is mostly geared to families and jail or rehabilitation <br />transitions. She said one committee of 6 or 7 people is doing the <br />same activities as a network of many agencies. Chairman Jewell said <br />Kittitas County does not have the funding required for this sort of <br />network. <br />2011-02-04 MINUTES 2 <br />