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to allow the Facilitators to find a way to fund Tammy's <br />travel to Ellensburg, since she is from the Seattle area. <br />Policy Update <br />• HR Director Young stated that the following policies would <br />be on the January 19 Agenda: Wage Administration, Merit <br />Increase Chart, and Parking. She also indicated that she is <br />working with the Policy Committee to update the <br />Technology Use policy, particularly with respect to Data <br />plan allowances and reimbursement for personal use of a <br />County -owned cell phone. She said the Budget & Finance <br />Manager's recommendation for personal use is to utilize a <br />calculated cost per minute and apply it to all calls identified <br />as personal. The Board had previously stated their interest <br />in requiring repayment for any amount above the cost of <br />the base plan if it resulted from personal use, in addition to <br />disciplinary action. HR Director Young will keep the Board <br />updated. <br />Org Chart Updates <br />• HR Director Young presented an updated org chart for <br />Probation Services which reflects their recent budget - <br />related restructure. Commissioner Crankovich moved to <br />approve Chair's signature, Commissioner O'Brien <br />seconded. The update was approved 3:0. <br />Other Discussion <br />• No other discussion. <br />• Session ended at Noon. <br />Attendees <br />Paul Jewell, Alan Crankovich, Obie O'Brien, Lisa Young <br />Greg Zempel also present. <br />