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insufficient time has been allowed to determine the <br />effectiveness of this arrangement. <br />• Chairman Jewell stated that the proposal to bring <br />employment law internally did not come with disclosure <br />that returning to outside counsel would require the <br />approval of the Prosecutor, adding that it was a <br />disappointing discovery. <br />• Prosecutor Zempel affirmed that would be true, and <br />indicated his goal is to be on the front-end of things with <br />respect to training/coaching, and stated that Prosecutor's <br />have associations that they can rely on for ideas, support, <br />etc. <br />• In closing the discussion, Commissioner Crankovich stated <br />he would be willing to give this arrangement another six <br />months, with progress monitored. Chairman Jewell <br />indicated his preference to revert to external counsel. <br />Commissioner O'Brien stated he would be willing to allow <br />six months given the investment in the employee and <br />availability of Risk Pool support. <br />• This issue will be monitored and revisited in July 2011. <br />Alternate Work Schedules <br />• Discussed exempt employee use of the alternate work <br />week. The Board asked if a report could be generated that <br />would show all exempt employees utilizing this work week <br />designation. HR Director Young said a report would not <br />work because they are coded in NOVAtime as being on the <br />standard work week. She also added that there is variety <br />in the way that exempt employee enter their time in <br />NOVA. Some clock in and out like a non-exempt employee <br />would, and some just enter the number of hours worked <br />for the day. This led to additional discussion surrounding <br />exempt employees' use of banked time and the flexibility <br />of an exempt employee to work over 40 -hours one week <br />and less the next. Prosecutor Zempel stated the more you <br />treat an exempt employee like an hourly employee the <br />higher the risk of exempt status being challenged and <br />hours subject to overtime. No action taken at this time. <br />Labor Relations Update <br />• The Board entered executive session at 11:40 AM to <br />• Local 792 CH (Courthouse) <br />discuss matters related to collective bargaining. <br />• Local 760 (Probation) <br />• Anticipated length: 10 minutes <br />• Anticipated action: None <br />Anticipated executive session: <br />• The Board exited executive session at 11:50 AM, and re- <br />RCW 42.30.140 (4)(a) Collective bargaining sessions with employee organizations, <br />entered for an additional two minutes. <br />including contract negotiations, grievance meetings, and discussions relating to <br />the interpretation or application of a labor agreement or (b) that portion of a <br />• The Board exited executive session at 11:52 AM with no <br />meeting during which the governing body is planning or adopting the strategy or <br />action taken. <br />position to be taken by the governing body during the course of any collective <br />bargaining, professional negotiations, or grievance or mediation proceedings, or <br />reviewing the proposals made in the negotiations or proceedings while in progress. <br />Investment In Excellence <br />• Regular session resumed at 11:52 AM <br />• HR Director Young provided an update regarding the status <br />of the Steering Committee and IIE Facilitators. She further <br />reported that the Facilitators would like to bring Chris <br />Scaffidi and Tammy Redmon to Ellensburg for one more HE <br />refresher day as allowed by our agreement with The Pacific <br />Institute. She reported that HE was cut from her budget, <br />and she did not have any funds to pay for their travel <br />expenses, especially since Chris comes from out of state. <br />She asked if the Board would be open to allowing the non - <br />GF departments cover the cost if they found the money to <br />do so. The Board stated they did not support funding Chris' <br />travel expenses; that departments should not have the <br />extra money to make that happen. The Board was willing <br />