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3.01 Services by KITTCOM. KITTCOM will provide KCPO with the services <br />described in Appendix A attached to this Agreement, which by this reference is hereby <br />incorporated into and made part of this Agreement. <br />4.01 Administrator. The Director of KITTCOM shall administer this agreement for <br />KITTCOM. The Administrator for KCPO shall be KCPO's Office Administrator. <br />ARTICLE V <br />DURATION AND TERMINATION OF <br />5.01 Duration and Renewal. This Agreement shall be effective when executed by <br />both parties and shall continue through December 31, 2015. <br />5.02 Termination. Any party hereto may terminate this Agreement upon thirty <br />(30) days notice in writing either personally delivered or mailed postage -prepaid by <br />certified mail, return receipt requested, to the party's address listed in Section 8.07 of this <br />Agreement for the purposes of giving notice under this paragraph. If this Agreement is so <br />terminated, the parties shall be liable only for performance rendered or costs incurred in <br />accordance with the terms of this Agreement prior to the effective date of termination. <br />UUMM_. <br />•, Lei 0 <br />6.01 Compensation. The exchange of services shall be considered by both <br />Parties to be adequate compensation for the duties described herein. <br />ARTICLE VII <br />INDEMNITY <br />7.01 Claims. To the extent of its comparative liability, each party shall indemnify, <br />defend and hold the other party, its departments, elected and appointed officials, <br />employees, and agents, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses <br />and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, for any bodily injury, sickness, <br />disease, or death, or any damage to or destruction of property, including the loss of use <br />resulting therefrom, which are alleged or proven to be caused in whole or in part by willful <br />misconduct or a negligent act or omission of the indemnifier's officers, directors, and <br />employees under this Agreement. <br />Page 2 <br />