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REFUND LIST WHICH INCLUDE INTEREST PER RCW 84.69.100 <br />2017 <br />TOTAL RCFUN0 <br />NAME OF TAXPAYER TO TP REASON FOR REFUND <br />DGS. PRVCF A RAL'DNr l'. V1 $ ?03.44 DES I'ROYED PRORERT'i L ABATEMENT DUE TO ICE STORMS ON I+I120T7 <br />]N, J MARILYN MV5334 5 L,[3? 70 SENIOR EKEMPTII7N DUE 1'0 DEC REA`.:E IN IFiu()ME <br />JOYCE R F'753133 --,FMOR F%£MPTI ON DUE 70 DECREASE FN M;CUMF <br />tL Ow S 1ANI-EY ETUX PSh3i14 S 36.7E . DESTROYED PROPERTY AND ABATEMENT DUE TO HOUSE FIRE ON 11/2/2017 <br />EY, JAMES D ill P Ir<F,2R 5 1,738.22 NEW SENIOR FXEMPTIC1I DUE TO DECREASE IN INCOME <br />ON, yUZA NNEM & EDWARD P519134 5 1,316.88 ?JEW 3ENIGR FX FMPT10.4 DUE TO DEr:T±E„�E IN INCOME <br />L1OIA8'e A P34023] 3 1,361.07 NEW GrtNIOR E?LEMPTIO.d DISE TO DECREASE /I IFiC OME <br />:C 1NVESTMENT GROUP OF ELLENSBURG P954435-954437 $ 220.45 TAXAH LE TO EXCM ITT - r RIVATE TD GOVERNMEFT - PR OR.ATI ON OF TAX <br />i VILLAGE LLC PA57141 5 1;9,87 'TAX ABLE TO EXEMPT -PRI VATS TO GOVERNMENT - FR OR.lTIgN OF TA. , <br />AMOUNT OF REFUND <br />UAR <br />211" S <br />158,675-55 <br />2018 $ <br />220.S7747 <br />201E S <br />536.03720. <br />2016 5 <br />286,982.66: <br />2017 = <br />117,78I.84 <br />,TS7]'AL S <br />1,385,174.41 <br />2 OF <br />