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<br /> <br />Rev. 06022016 2 of 10 <br /> <br />servers and application servers designated in Article XI (the database servers and <br />application servers shall be referred to as the “Enterprise”), and (2) use the Documentation <br />in connection with Use of the Software. The CUSTOMER may copy, in whole or <br />in part, any printed material relative to the Software that may be provided by <br /> under this Agreement solely for its internal purposes in connection with its use of <br />the Software. Additional copies provided by will be billed to <br />CUSTOMER at ’s standard rates. CUSTOMER may replace any component of <br />the Enterprise by giving prior written notice of the new servers . Additional fees <br />will be assessed if the use of Software is in excess of limits defined in Exhibit A. <br />CUSTOMER’s license is to use the Software in its own business. CUSTOMER <br />has no right to use the Software in processing work for third parties. <br /> <br />b. The CUSTOMER agrees to keep the original and any copies of that Software at <br />the same location as the CUSTOMER’s designated servers, except that a machine- <br />readable copy of the Software may be kept at another facility for archive or <br />emergency restart purposes only. However, if any part of the Enterprise becomes <br />temporarily inoperative the license may be extended to backup servers until such time as <br />the Enterprise becomes operative again at which time all Software will be deleted <br />from the backup servers and returned to the Enterprise. <br /> <br />c. shall issue to CUSTOMER, as soon as practicable after the Effective Date, the <br />number of machine-readable copy or copies of the Software set forth in Exhibit <br />A for Use at the Sites only, along with the accompanying Documentation. <br /> <br />d. CUSTOMER shall have the right to use only one copy or image of the Software <br />for production purposes to manage up to the number of Users identified in the Product <br />Schedule (Exhibit A) and shall not copy or use the Software for any other purpose <br />except: (i) for archival purposes, (ii) in connection with a disaster recovery program, and <br />(iii) for the purpose of testing the operation of the Software and/or training on the <br /> Software, provided such copies shall not be used in a live production <br />environment. CUSTOMER may not otherwise copy the Software, except as <br />permitted by this Agreement. All copies of the Software will be subject to all terms <br />and conditions of this Agreement. Whenever CUSTOMER is permitted to copy or <br />reproduce all or any part of the Software, all titles, trademark symbols, copyright <br />symbols and legends, and other proprietary markings must be reproduced. <br /> <br />e. CUSTOMER may increase the number of authorized Users by modification of this <br />Agreement and paying in full the applicable fees. Upon signing the modification and paying <br />in full the applicable fees, shall have the right to monitor the revised number of <br />Users as set forth in that modification. <br /> <br />f. All of CUSTOMER’s records with regard to the Software Use shall be made available to <br /> at all reasonable times at ’s request, and CUSTOMER shall certify to <br />the truth and accuracy thereof. <br /> <br />g. If any Third Party Software is provided to CUSTOMER pursuant to this Agreement, such <br />license shall be in accordance with terms of that Third Party Software license, or such <br />additional terms as set forth in Exhibit A. <br /> <br />3. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE <br /> <br />In the event the CUSTOMER decides to acquire Software in addition to that <br />indicated in Exhibit A of this Agreement as of the Effective Date (the "Additional Software"),