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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Rev. 06022016 2 of 15 <br /> <br />combined value more than the Estimated Price, even if the Services have not been <br />completed or the Deliverables delivered, or the results desired by CUSTOMER have <br />not been achieved. The parties may, by mutual written a greement, increase the <br />Estimated Price. <br /> <br /> e. CUSTOMER shall make payment to according to the schedule and <br />provisions of Exhibit B. shall have a lien upon and may retain or repossess <br />any and all Deliverables if CUSTOMER does not make full payment to . <br /> <br /> f. Invoiced amounts are due and payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice. <br /> <br /> g. If CUSTOMER’s action or inaction results in non-receipt of payment by for <br />the total amount of an invoice within fifteen (15) days of the due date of such invoice, <br />interest compounded at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, or the <br />maximum rate permitted by law if lower, shall thereafter be added to all amou nts unpaid <br />and outstanding. If CUSTOMER’s action or inaction results in non-receipt of payment <br />by , shall have the right exercisable in sole discretion, in <br />addition to its other rights and remedies, to cease further performance of the Services <br />hereunder. <br /> <br /> h. Bill To Address. The invoice will be mailed to: <br /> <br /> Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office <br /> Kittitas County Courthouse <br /> Ste. 213, 205 W. 5th <br /> Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />509-962-7520 <br /> <br />5. RESOURCES TO BE PROVIDED BY CUSTOMER <br /> <br /> a. CUSTOMER will designate qualified CUSTOMER personnel or representatives to <br />consult with on a regular basis in connection with the Services. CUSTOMER <br />will furnish such documentation and other information as is reasonably necessary to <br />perform the Services. <br /> <br /> b. CUSTOMER shall furnish access to CUSTOMER’s premises, and appropriate <br />workspace for any personnel working at CUSTOMER’s premises, as <br />necessary for performance of those portions of the Services to be performed at <br />CUSTOMER’s premises. <br /> <br /> c. CUSTOMER shall provide, maintain, and make available to , at <br />CUSTOMER’s expense and in a timely manner, the resources delineated above, and <br />such other additional resources as may from time to time reasonably request <br />in connection with ’s performance of the Services. Delays in the provision of <br />these resources may result in delays in the performance of the Services, or an increase <br />in the Price. <br /> <br />6. CONFIDENTIALITY <br /> <br />Concurrently with the execution of this Agreement , the parties shall execute a Non-