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ARTICLE II OFFICERS <br />1. Officer Desig ted. The officer of the committee shall be a Chairman. The member of <br />the committee who is also a member of the BOCC shall serve as Chairman. <br />2. Powers and Duties. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the committee. The <br />chairman may sign and execute, in the name of the committee, all correspondence duly <br />authorized by the committee, and generally shall perform all duties incident to the office <br />of the Chairman and such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to such <br />office by the committee. <br />ARTICLE III MEETINGS <br />1. Regular Meetings. There shall be no designated Regular Meeting dates and/or times for <br />the TRT. Regular meetings shall be scheduled as needed when a new Kittitas County <br />Tourism Infrastructure Plan Capital Improvement Program is authorized by the BOCC <br />for project review and recommendations. Regular meetings shall be held in a location <br />which is convenient to members. <br />2. Special Mectings. Special Meetings shall be called by the Chairman when necessary to <br />review the progress of a project or projects or to conduct other business as needed. <br />Special meetings shall be held in a location which is convenient to members. <br />3. Parliamentary Authoriiy. The rules of Robert's Rules of Order (revised) shall govern in <br />all cases in which they are applicable, where they are not inconsistent with the rules set <br />forth in these bylaws. <br />4. Notice. Notice of each meeting shall be given to each member by email no later than one <br />week in advance of the meeting date, except in instances of emergency as determined by <br />the Chairman. <br />5. Quorum. A majority of the voting members of the committee shall constitute a quorum <br />for the transaction of business. The committee must have and maintain a quorum in order <br />to do business and take official action. <br />6. Official Action. In order to take official action, the committee shall strive to reach a <br />consensus of all voting members present. If a consensus in not reachable, the committee <br />shall take action by majority vote. If a majority vote is necessary, minority opinions shall <br />be included in any recommendations submitted for final approval by the BOCC. <br />7. Voting. Members which are voting members on the day of the meeting of the committee <br />shall be entitled to vote at the meeting. Every voting member shall have one vote. A <br />majority vote of the voting members in attendance at the meeting is required for any <br />official action. A voting member must be in attendance to vote. <br />8. Attendance. Official attendance at any meeting of the committee may be in-person or by <br />electronic means including telephone. <br />ARTICLE IV APPEARANCE OF FAIRNESS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST <br />1. Disqualification. A committee member shall disqualify himself or herself from a <br />proceeding in which the committee member's impartiality might reasonably be <br />questioned. The fact that a committee member has considered the same or a similar <br />